12 comments on “Maxon Cinema 4D R25.010 Win/Mac

  1. How to use:
    1. install original (and MAXON ONE app too)
    2. run once (and login) and close
    3. run c4py binary in terminal (on mac, on win – just run c4dpy) (and login too, it will show “no license”) if you plan to use python here
    4. apply the fixer
    5. use

  2. Not working. I followed all the steps and it keeps asking to validate the trial license to use.

      • hi matey, would you be able to explain how this works? ive installed, it worked once but after reboot it launches maxon licence app and says it failed

      • hi are you able to let us know how to get this working? i have it all installed but its opening licence window and states: failed

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