6 comments on “Pixologic ZBrush 2022.0.1 Win x64

    • Pixologic says: “Note: On Windows, Bevel Pro requires a video card supporting Vulkan 1.1 or above. On macOS it requires Metal, which is automatic with OSX 10.14 and later but may not be supported on machines running earlier operating systems. If your card does not meet this requirement, Bevel Pro will not work but the rest of the ZBrush 2022 feature set will still be available to you.”

      • Oh no…such a shame my old gpu ain’t supporting vulkan, at all! Unless they add fillet and custom profiles to this plugin aint worth upgrading my gpu.

  1. Michael Pavlovich once said ZBrush will run on a toaster. Now it only runs on a toaster that supports Vulkan 1.1.

  2. The exe has no flags on virustotal but has some behaviours that im worried about.

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