18 comments on “SideFX Houdini FX 19.0.383 Win/Mac x64 -XFORCE

  1. Please proper crack Mari 5.0. Because all the other versions don’t work.

  2. XFORCE :- who is xforce ?
    its been a long time they are having our back
    who are they ?

    Any Ideas ?

  3. Bonjour
    La version Mac ne fonctionne absolument pas.
    En faisant exactement comme sur l’explication et en utilisant
    Le keygen.exe avec crossover fonctionne, les licences
    Sont activées, mais une fois copiées, ne donnent accès
    Uniquement à la version d’essai. Pourquoi ?

    • same thing here, not working on mac. License server is not starting.

    • There is a version for linux on rutracker. It seems to my limited knowledge that it has no viruses, i checked with virustotal and checked the differences between the original file and the patch, with the differences being spread out, without any suspicious strings, and seems to work really well. The keygen can be used without super user privileges which is also good.
      To find the crack only, instead of the full download, search on the comment section.

  4. After some research, I think ive figured out that the new sesinetd file for h19 is what is not working on Mac OS.

  5. to everyone who have problems to get this gem started on Mac/OSX:

    After you stopped the license server and copied the sesinetd, you must restart your Mac!

    for me, it works perfect!

    Thanks for the gerat upload!

  6. When I want to “Import Licenses” from keygen its gray in License Administrator? Anyone have similar problem

  7. not working at all in win 11, all licenses are added but greyed out as unavailable.

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