7 comments on “Autodesk AutoCAD 2024.1 Win x64

  1. I already tried to install this version from another site. After clicking on network license, a dialog box appears asking for the address of the license server. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.

  2. Good evening, appear an error

    The application could not be started; the parallel configuration is incorrect. Refer to the application event log or use the command line tool sxtrace.exe for details.

    And nothing happen.

    • seems to be a mix of people saying it works fine other getting errors, keep trying or wait for yet another crack

  3. After a few weeks of installing for first time the 2024 version I got a “Your AutoCAD licence is not valid” message, I uninstalled and reinstalled, formated the PC, installed previous versions as far as 2018 and every single time that message is coming back a couple minutes after opening any file… now I can’t install any AutoCAD in this PC

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