2 comments on “Adobe Substance 3D Modeler Win x64

  1. We always ask bloggers to scan all the files before publishing the posts, but sometimes it’s hard to detect all these things, so if you found anything suspicious (Not false positive, Generic, Patcher, Riskware and Heuristic results, most patches could get false flags like that.) be sure to post comments with the file name and a VirusTotal report result link (higher

  2. Don’t use this crack!

    It installs something that could be malware, or at least annoying as heck. It pops up a powershell and starts some services 1 hour after starting Windows. The only way I could get rid of this was reinstalling Windows.

    Don’t even ask how much time I needed to find out it was this particular crack. First I had to use ProcessHacker to find it was related to Adobe. So any of my many Adobe programs could have been responsible for creating this obscure file that I couldn’t find any info about online. And then thru a process of elimination…

    There are other cracks you can find by just googling, get the m0nkrus version, it seems to install cleanly, no need to apply weird cracks after installation.

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