iClone 3DXchange2

iClone 3DXchange2

iClone 3DXchange is a conversion utility along with offering an unlimited content generator for iClone moviemaking. In iClone 3DXchange 2, partnering with Google, Reallusion enabling users to build any models from scratch by Google SketchUp and collaborate with the largest 3D asset resource, Google 3D Warehouse.

Turn Static 3D Models into Animated Props in iClone.
iClone and Google SketchUp used in combination make modeling and animation fast and easy. know more
Animate any model in iClone created with Google SketchUp or downloaded from Google 3D Warehouse.
Build your own city as a virtual filmmaking sound stage with Google SketchUp free.
Search Google Earth for model locations and download them for animation in iClone.
Collect models amassing a huge library of 3D props, scenes & accessories for iClone.
Download iClone path helper to turn static 3D Models into animated props.

Unlimited Free Access to over 200,000 3D models.
Free access to Google 3D Warehouse the largest collection of free 3D models with new models added daily.
Cars, planes, futuristic vehicles, modern architecture, historical buildings, interior design, even fantasy and sci-fi objects such as Star Wars.
Join the 3D Warehouse community, share your models and grow the library.
Build up your hometown with City Elements & Color of Sky.

Free 3D Modeling Software for iClone.
Google SketchUp simplifies 3D modeling with tools designed for anyone to master 3D design and import their models into iClone.
Direct drag-and-drop native skp format and import to iClone 3DXchange.
Edit your model between 3DXchange and SketchUp with exclusive technology for refinement of SKP models.
With 3DXchange2 & Sketchup, iClone users can build any model from scratch, and create 3D text or terrain for further application. know more

Flexible iClone Compatibility for Various 3D Applications
3DXchange is a conversion utility that transforms most 3DS, OBJ, or SKP files into real-time models for use inside iClone. view showcase
3DXchange can easily be used to transform existing model libraries into VNS, iClone’s native 3D file format, allowing your content to be accessed by thousands of iClone filmmakers.
Content from external 3D modeling applications and model banks such as DAZ 3D, Zbrush, 3D Studio Max, Maya, Google SketchUp, Turbo Squid and Renderosity may be imported into iClone as props, accessories or 3D scenes.

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SpeedTree 5.0

SpeedTree 5.0

SpeedTree is a powerful toolkit for creating and rendering vegetation in games.
SpeedTree Modeler will change the way you think about procedural content creation. Never again will artists need to sacrifice design choices and settle for a look and feel bound by a limited set of quirky function buttons.
We’ve got an answer for all facets of real-time tree rendering: art assets, tree modeling, lighting, physics, and run-time performance – you name it, we’ve got you covered.

SpeedTree 5.0 for real-time development

Version 5.0 has reached maturity and has been officially released! This feature-packed, complete vegatation solution has all the tools needed to make your trees come true.

Industrial Light & Magic has licensed SpeedTree® Cinema, the newest member of the renowned SpeedTree line, offering procedural and hand modeling options for unprecedented speed and precision in tree design.

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Maya Plugins :-
.obj Sequence Loader 1.5.5
Adjacent Selection 1.0
Array for Maya 1.1.1
Audio Animator 0.5
AxCrack.mel 1.1.0
Blend Shape Tools
Checker Map Switcher v1.0 1.0.0
CopyMirroring clusters 1.0.0
Extended Duplicate Options 1.2
KludgeCity 0.1.4
MAX Skinning Weight Tool for MAYA
Max Style Turn Edge for MaYa 1.0
Maya to Unreal T3D Exporter 1.0
Mia Materials Ambient Occlusion Manager 1.0
PFX 1.1.1
Plumber Personal Production Pipeline 1.0.4
Rename Tool 1.2.0
Render Ready and City Builder 0.5.0
Scene Head Up Display 1.4.1
Wom_archlight 1.2.3
Zebruv 1.2.3
zFluid 1.7.3

Bones Plug-ins:-
Custom Maya Tools , X-Tools 4.0.0 , DinoRig 2.0 and more ….
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Unwrella 2 for Maya 2010 , 2009 , 2008 32Bit & 64Bit

Unwrella, the automatic and optimal unwrapping plug-in, is now available for Autodesk Maya.
Unwrella is a long awaited solution for all Autodesk Maya artists who have to deal with mapping and unwrapping of 3d geometries. Unwrella for Maya offers a fast and easy to undestand workflow to create automatically optimized UV maps, unfolds meshes for texture baking and packs UV parts efficiently.

Unwrella Maya Highlights:

The popular Unwrella plug-in for Autodesk 3ds Max is now also available for Autodesk Maya

Automatically unwraps and packs UV maps for meshes

Optimal quality UV layout that avoids texture deformations

No visible texture seams due to uniform pixel distribution over the mesh surface

Resulting UV maps have optimal quality for texture baking

Supports both user placed texture borders and procedurally generated borders

The Unwrella unwrapping plug-in for Autodesk Maya 8.5, 2008, 2009 ,2010 (each 32bit and 64bit) is now available.

Unwrella was developed for the high demands of graphics designers in real world production environments and provides a fast, simple and reliable unwrapping solution. It is the first tool of this kind on the market, allowing the unwrapping of 3d models to be done with a single mouse click while simultaneously providing optimal results that combine the minimized texture stretching of automated unwrapping techniques with the efficient space utilization and chunk distribution of UV space that is achieved with manual pelt wrapping methods. This allows users to quickly solve complex tasks like the creation of seamless 3d models, more accurate lightmaps and productive subsequent processing of the UV maps in other 3d applications like ZBrush or Mudbox.

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Learning Autodesk Maya 2009 Foundation: Official Autodesk Training Guide (Book & DVD-ROM)
Sybex | ISBN: 1897177518 | November 17, 2008 | 640 pages | PDF | 126 MB | DVD | 1.5 Gb
# Learning Autodesk Maya: Foundation is a full-color book that offers students a hands-on approach for learning how to use Maya, the industry-leading 3D animation and effects software. You will work with real movie footage, interactive tutorials and step-by-step lessons to understand the basics of modeling, texturing, animating, and visual effects. The companion DVD, which includes instructor-led tutorial videos and other resources for extended learning, will further reinforce the topics covered in the book so that you can become better acquainted with the Maya User Interface.










Vicon Boujou 5.0

Vicon Boujou 5.0

Emmy Award-Winning Matchmoving software that enages you to add computer generated effects seamlessly into your film or video footage.

Building on its industry leading automatic toolset boujou software, boujou 5 allows you to solve complex shots even faster and to step in and work directly with the data. boujou 5 has a unique way of solving which radically accelerates the way you work, you can now solve even more shots in less time.

boujou 5 takes the headache out of matchmoving. Two clicks and the majority of your shots can be matchmoved automatically. No manual tracking required, saving you time and resources.

boujou 5 Features

New Automatic Sequential Solver

Previous versions of boujou took the entire shot into account before delivering a solve. boujou 5 looks at a single frame at a time, enabling the user to intervene as needed and making the entire process significantly faster.

Fully Functional Graph Editor

The Graph Editor enables the user to manually tweak the camera data and, if necessary, resolve. boujou 5 also provides the ability to lock valid sections of solve data or sections known to be correct. Those sections can then be used to improve other areas.

Reference Frames

The Reference Frames feature enables users to import still images taken with any camera and use them to assist in a solve.

New Target Tracker
The Pattern Matching Tracker in boujou has been completely rewritten so it provides a faster workflow. Target Tracking now can specify a pattern on a single frame as well as tracking multiple patterns simultaneously.

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Mac osx

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Learn proper body mechanics for creating believable animations with 7 hours of project-based training developed specifically for character animation and body mechanics. Perfect for intermediate artists.
Popular highlights include: Body Mechanics Overview of Pushing Light & Heavy Objects; Driving Force Through Leg Animation; Creating Character Kinetics for Believable Weight; Using Action and Counteraction to Create Tension; Using Line of Action to Define the Movement; Preplanning Animation with Example Storyboards; Forward locomotion; Maintaining Balance Though Foot Placement; Measuring Appeal & Pose Clarity Though Silhouettes; Timing & Spacing of Keyframes; Blocking Animation; Adding Follow-through, Arcs, and Overlapping; Adding Exaggeration for Believable Performances; Animating the Body in Sections; Using the Graph Editor to Refine Blocked Animation; Holding Poses with Weighted & Free Tangents Weights; Utilizing Character Sets for Multiple Keyframe Modification;

http://www.megaupload.com/?d=87XF5YFN Cuerpo_Mecanicas2_BueNMaestro.part01.rar 92.77 MB 2010-02-17 0
http://www.megaupload.com/?d=EN8DBSAU Cuerpo_Mecanicas2_BueNMaestro.part02.rar 92.77 MB 2010-02-17 0
http://www.megaupload.com/?d=HMWWZRAM Cuerpo_Mecanicas2_BueNMaestro.part03.rar 92.77 MB 2010-02-17 0
http://www.megaupload.com/?d=5B58U6ZD Cuerpo_Mecanicas2_BueNMaestro.part04.rar 92.77 MB 2010-02-17 0
http://www.megaupload.com/?d=CQN3ZVHD Cuerpo_Mecanicas2_BueNMaestro.part05.rar 92.77 MB 2010-02-17 0
http://www.megaupload.com/?d=P4UG9S7C Cuerpo_Mecanicas2_BueNMaestro.part06.rar 92.77 MB 2010-02-17 0
http://www.megaupload.com/?d=T9W38JI7 Cuerpo_Mecanicas2_BueNMaestro.part07.rar 92.77 MB 2010-02-17 0
http://www.megaupload.com/?d=M8ACU26R Cuerpo_Mecanicas2_BueNMaestro.part08.rar 92.77 MB 2010-02-18 0
http://www.megaupload.com/?d=DE9O5TZ3 Cuerpo_Mecanicas2_BueNMaestro.part09.rar 92.77 MB 2010-02-18 0
http://www.megaupload.com/?d=SDJADOBT Cuerpo_Mecanicas2_BueNMaestro.part10.rar 92.77 MB 2010-02-18 0
http://www.megaupload.com/?d=HRPA3GQ2 Cuerpo_Mecanicas2_BueNMaestro.part11.rar 92.77 MB 2010-02-18 0
http://www.megaupload.com/?d=MB1AYKW9 Cuerpo_Mecanicas2_BueNMaestro.part12.rar 92.77 MB 2010-02-18 0
http://www.megaupload.com/?d=2HJGUYOV Cuerpo_Mecanicas2_BueNMaestro.part13.rar 92.77 MB 2010-02-18 0
http://www.megaupload.com/?d=YGCZ1SV2 Cuerpo_Mecanicas2_BueNMaestro.part14.rar

Password: miro*.2305

Enjoy it, any problems, please tell me… Have a Nice One!

Easily learn proper body mechanics for creating believable animations with over 5 hours of project-based training developed specifically for character animation and body mechanics. Perfect for intermediate artists.
* Body Mechanics Overview of Pulling Objects
* Driving Force Through Upper-body Animation
* Compensating Body Motion for Mass of Objects
* Animating Believable Weight and Tension
* Utilizing Storyboards for Pre-vis
* Backwards Locomotion
* Adjusting Performance Through Timing & Spacing
* Roughing-in Animation Through Blocking
* Adding Follow-through, Arcs, and Overlapping
* Exaggerating Poses for Dynamic Movement
* Adjusting Keyframes in Graph Editor
* Understanding Weighted Tangency & Free Tangent Weights
* Optimizing Workflow with Character Sets

http://www.megaupload.com/?d=P30IFFBE Cuerpo_MecAnicas 3 BuEn MaesTro.part01.rar 92.77 MB 2010-02-18 0
http://www.megaupload.com/?d=VJZG72O9 Cuerpo_MecAnicas 3 BuEn MaesTro.part02.rar 92.77 MB 2010-02-18 0
http://www.megaupload.com/?d=HJ5VADXE Cuerpo_MecAnicas 3 BuEn MaesTro.part03.rar 92.77 MB 2010-02-18 0
http://www.megaupload.com/?d=ESI9W4AZ Cuerpo_MecAnicas 3 BuEn MaesTro.part04.rar 92.77 MB 2010-02-18 0
http://www.megaupload.com/?d=6U4E4UCX Cuerpo_MecAnicas 3 BuEn MaesTro.part05.rar 92.77 MB 2010-02-18 0
http://www.megaupload.com/?d=83WZ4N0F Cuerpo_MecAnicas 3 BuEn MaesTro.part06.rar 92.77 MB 2010-02-18 0
http://www.megaupload.com/?d=KTCC5SR3 Cuerpo_MecAnicas 3 BuEn MaesTro.part07.rar 92.77 MB 2010-02-18 0
http://www.megaupload.com/?d=G0DFULDD Cuerpo_MecAnicas 3 BuEn MaesTro.part08.rar 92.77 MB 2010-02-18 0
http://www.megaupload.com/?d=LJZDGRCX Cuerpo_MecAnicas 3 BuEn MaesTro.part09.rar 92.77 MB 2010-02-19 0
http://www.megaupload.com/?d=YVRPUSWM Cuerpo_MecAnicas 3 BuEn MaesTro.part10.rar 92.77 MB 2010-02-19 0
http://www.megaupload.com/?d=PX2IB81H Cuerpo_MecAnicas 3 BuEn MaesTro.part11.rar 92.77 MB 2010-02-20 0
http://www.megaupload.com/?d=DO997HDE Cuerpo_MecAnicas 3 BuEn MaesTro.part12.rar 92.77 MB 2010-02-20 0
http://www.megaupload.com/?d=N72N4Q3T Cuerpo_MecAnicas 3 BuEn MaesTro.part13.rar 92.77 MB 2010-02-19 0
http://www.megaupload.com/?d=ZJ535AJN Cuerpo_MecAnicas 3 BuEn MaesTro.part14.rar

Password: miro*.2305

Enjoy it, please let me know if everything works ok, Have a Nice Day!

Ultimate 3D World Training Collection DVD Vol 1 | 4.17 GB

Welcome to The Ultimate 3D World Training Collection: Vol 1. This DVD brings together 30 of the best tutorials published in 3D World between issues 100 and 115, plus four full 3D software packages, as sold for $798.
On this side of the disc, you can find the full software packages Carrara 6 Pro, Hexagon 2, trueSpace 7.6 and Blender 2.48; supporting tutorials for the software; four tips articles; and a complete project on modelling and animating a production-ready dinosaur character. Flip the disc over and insert the other side in your drive for the remaining tutorials.
Tutorials are presented in PDF format, complete with all of the supporting files necessary to complete the walkthrough.

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