Tekla Structures v14
Tekla Structures software is a building information modeling (BIM) tool that streamlines the delivery process of design, detailing, manufacture, and construction organizations. While integrating openly with architectural models, the strength of this single-model environment lies in the contractor end of the process. Thousands of Tekla Structures software users in more than 80 countries have successfully delivered BIM-based projects across the world.
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In this article below, we’ll take a look at Various Maya Tutorials for your source of inspiration which help you to deal with high-end 3D computer graphics. However, they all have something in common: they all give you clean idea about latest techniques

Incredible Maya Tutorials Around

01. Making of Gladiator

instantShift - Incredible Maya Tutorials Around
This artwork created for CGArena 3d challenge where the Artist (Christopher ADAJAR, Paris) won the second prize. This is the first contest where he joined and his first published artwork since he started working as a 3D & Visual Effects Artist.
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02. Making of the Joker

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Want the quality of PoseAmation but you’re using software other than Poser? If your app can read BVH motion capture data, than this is a collection that you can’t pass up! The BVH version of PoseAmation 1 contains all of the animated scene files contained in the Poser version at 10, 24 and 30 frames per second. No jitters to clean up, no twisted limbs to sort out. Just import it and go!
PoseAmation scenes are 100% hand keyframed so you don’t have to worry about sluggish live action timing dragging down your scene. Perfect for games, animated films, walk-throughs and a million other uses, PoseAmation BVH files give you a lot of bang for the buck. Used in conjunction with Motion Builder or Life Forms, PoseAmation BVH files can be converted into virtually any format you could ever need.
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Terragen 2 beta

TG2 features an advanced hybrid micropolygon renderer with powerful multi-angle displacement capabilities. It has a versatile procedural engine that can be utilised to apply subpixel-level detail to almost any aspect of a scene. Terragen 2 is capable of rendering billions of polygons in a single scene.

At the heart of TG2 is a cutting-edge 3D renderer. It is capable of rendering surfaces with extreme procedural displacement and produces images and animations with production quality anti-aliasing and motion blur. Procedural, image-based or object-based shaders can build complex surfaces from simple objects, relying on the renderer’s adaptive subdivision algorithms to dynamically adjust to extreme stretching and creasing.

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Cartoon Smart Blender Basics 1
This two hour tutorial will give brand-new Blender users a comprehensive introduction to working in a 3D environment. Even if you’ve never used a 3D program before you’ll feel at ease in no time. Alter a 40-minute introduction, the course focuses on how to model and shade the character above!

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