Lynda Video Training Photoshop CS4 Collections | RS | 30GB ? Photoshop CS4 Getting Started ? Photoshop CS4 Essential Training ? Photoshop CS4 One-on-One Fundamentals ? Photoshop CS4 One-on-One Advanced ? Photoshop CS4 One-on-One Mastery ? Photoshop CS4 Blend Mode Magic ? Photoshop CS4 Color Correction ? Photoshop CS4 Extended for 3D ? Photoshop CS4 For Photographers ? Photoshop CS4 For Photographers ? Camera Raw ? Photoshop CS4 For Photographers ? Creative Color ? Photoshop CS4 For Photographers ? Creative Effects ? Photoshop CS4 For Photographers ? Desktop Printing Techniques ? Photoshop CS4 For The Web ? Photoshop CS4 Image Adjustments in Depth ? Photoshop CS4 Layers in Depth ? Photoshop CS4 Selections in Depth ? Photoshop CS4 Power Shortcuts ? Photoshop CS4 Retouching ? Fashion Photography Projects

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3D Buzz XNA Xtreme 101 Volume 1,2,3 Complete | 3.5 GB

Have you ever been interested in creating your own games? Welcome to the XNA Xtreme 101 video training course! This first volume covers nearly 30 hours of lecture and is specially geared toward the first-time programmer interested in creating games for the PC and Xbox 360 platforms!
Volume I will quickly get you up to speed in programming with a strong foundation in the C# programming language. You’ll also get a clear description of the .NET infrastructure, while learning precisely what .NET is and how it is defining the next generation of computer programming. The lessons have a strong emphasis on programming using proper design principles, including creating your initial requirement spec, moving on the design phase, and laying out a solid implementation plan.

This second volume of the XNA Xtreme 101 series continues with the foundation of programming with the C# language with over 50 hours of lecture. Volume II begins by expanding upon the C# language foundation already set forth in the first volume. You?ll see how to work with variables, including predefined data types and value reference types. From there, you?ll be introduced to various ways you can loop your code for purposes of automation. This volume also teaches you the key concepts behind Object-Oriented Programming, introducing you to classes, inheritance, and polymorphism. You?ll also learn about constructors, the use of static members, as well as virtual methods. Volume II concludes with the creation of the game Precision, a fast-paced top-down casual action game in which a player?s goal is to navigate a ‘nanite probe? around the screen to save endangered cells from a degrading disease while avoiding enemy antibodies. During gameplay, any cells that are fully infected will be converted into more antibodies, thereby increasing the number of enemies on the screen. If an antibody touches the nanite probe, the player will lose a life. Once all lives are gone, the game will be over.
In this, the closing volume of the XNA Xtreme 101 series, we take a look at some key techniques and topics that you’ll need in order to push your programming skills to their maximum potential. From there, you start to really strike out and become a game developer as you are given thorough design specs and construction techniques for a variety of game engines!
The key educational element of this volume is that the viewer is given a much greater degree of freedom over their coding process. With so much programming knowledge gained in Volumes I and II, this third volume does considerably less hand-holding, instead focusing on new topics that have not been covered, and giving discussions on how these new concepts can be worked into existing knowledge to create the final game. Put simply, this volume contains fewer examples coded in their entirety, opting instead for teaching you new skill sets and showing you how they can be implemented to create each new game.

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Watch & Learn ? Photoshop Tips and Tricks Vol 1-6 (Full) ~ 120 lessons | 1.05 GB | RS
This bundle package contains 6 volumes of our ?Photoshop Tips and Tricks? series. This compilation contains video tutorialsthat have been featured in our newsletter in the past.

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Download : Hotfile

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3D Fluff Traning for CINEMA 4D | Volume 1-6 | DVD

3D Fluff training videos are produced and presented by Janine Pauke and Matthew O’Neill. Both have been using CINEMA 4D for years and know the software inside out.


Download : Rapidshare
DVD1 / Design & Visualisation:

DVD2/ Radiosity Interiors:

DVD3/ Non-Organic Modeling :

DVD4/ Advanced Lighting & Rendering:

DVD5/ Hair Styling & Rendering :

DVD6/ Bees and Flowers – Animation in R10 :

Gnomon Workshop – Character Design Pipeline

BARONTiERi | English | .MOV | 2.1GB

In this DVD, watch BARONTiERi as he demonstrates the different steps behind the creation of two iconic characters using both Adobe Photoshop? and Autodesk Maya?. He will then show how to successfully use your imagination under realistic production constraints. BARONTiERi reveals the latest digital art techniques, ideas and original processes used by the creative members of STEAMBOT Studios. He breaks down the foundations of an efficient character design pipeline for concept artists of the video game and visual effects industries, while demonstrating the importance of teamwork, and focusing on research, development and problem-solving issues. This lecture covers professional tips, speedpainting, basic 3D modeling and environment/mechanical design.
Production Pipeline
Art Direction
Design Language
2D/3D Compositing
Lighting Strategies
Scene Refining

01: Conception – Production Art Pipeline
02: Pre-production
Part 1: Character Design Process: Harry
Part 2: Character Design Process: CAT
03: Production
Part 1: Final Design and Compositing
Part 2: Rendering and Polishing




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The Modeling of Chaos | 5.02 GB

Application in focus: 3Ds Max 2009, Zbrush 3.1,
Photoshop Instructor: Kostas Y. Macfarlane
TRT: 20h55m Video: QuickTime h.264 @ 300kbps, 1024×640, 10fps.
Audio: Mono AAC 44.1 kHz

Instructor: Kostas Y. Macfarlane
TRT: 20h 55m
– This is a 20+ hours realtime video tutorial covering concept, modeling, texturing, sculpting, materials, lighting,

rendering and post – the whole process from start to finish.
– Applications used: 3dsmax, zbrush, ps and mr

The lessons show the progress from cube to fully textured, sculpted, rendered head.

We explore modeling techniques
easy and fast head production,
head texturing (normal, mutated and lava covered, in photoshop and zapplin),
sculpting (freestyle and based on texture detail),
model and utility map exporting (normal,cavity,displacement) and finally
rendering (displacement, sss, lighting, final gather settings)

Various stages and the final models,
textures are included in the lesson for further study and manipulation. Useful for both game and film cg.

This isn’t a very strong piece of art, but while talking and showing the whole process without skipping steps I

sacrificed some freedom and experimentation so I consider it done and cool for the purpose it was made for.

I use Photoshop, 3dsmax, zbrush and mental ray. Some post in photoshop.

This tutorial takes you through the modeling and texturing of Chaos using 3ds MAX, ZBrush and Photoshop.



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SimplyMaya Santa Modeling | 600 MB

If you really love the holidays then the cartoon Santa is a great tutorial. We will start off this tutorial by creating image planes to create the correct shape and proportion of are Santa. Some of the modeling techniques used will be shaping in nurbs, converting to polygons to add details and then into sub’ds to define the final shapes.

Once the modeling of our new character is complete we will start preparing our model for texturing. The first step is laying out the Uv’s for all the separate parts of the body to make them flat so we can get a nice clean UV snap shot for our painted textures. On completion of are UV snap shot we will import into the paint program Photoshop. You will learn how to use layers for different areas as well as how to stain up certain parts of the body like the head and shirt for a more natural look.




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Gnomon Workshop: Originality in Design | 802.32 MB

The ultimate goal for the concept artist is to create an individual artistic design language that is unique to them. Nick?s demo takes the viewer through the process he uses to get as close to this goal as possible. The ephemeral nature of this subject is discussed within the framework of historical context. Inspiration sources and methods for cleansing the mind and body are shown, and a hands-on process is demonstrated. Over 140 pages of sketches lead to 6 pencil rendered images that define a novel look and form that can be applied to a wide variety of designed objects.
Instructor: Nick Pugh



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Keith Lango 11-17 VTS

The VTS is a monthly subscription based video training system for high end performance character animation. The goal

and focus of the VTS is to share my knowledge and understanding of character animation based upon my 10+ years

experience as a professional character animator, animation supervisor and animation director for television, video,

game cinematics and feature film. I”ve hired and trained dozens of animators in my career and many of them have gone

on to the biggest animation studios in the world. The same things I taught them I teach on the VTS. It really is one

of the most affordable ways to get material from an experienced professional animator.



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NeuroSystems creates and provides leading edge, high quality
applications in the fields of realtime 3D simulation and Computer
Graphics. One of those applications is SUBSTANCE, the Evolutionary and Organic Art Creator.

The first official teaser trailer for SUBSTANCE 3D, the photorealistic Organic and Fractal Art creator from NeuroSystems is now online on YOUTUBE.

SUBSTANCE Viewer (Free)