Ok mates, first of all: This version is without crack (till now). You know how hard it is to find a copy of it. Nearly impossible. Or did you found one the last two years? About this reason no crack exists till now. But I’m sure cause its on now, all the famous groups will try to crack it. So the first step is done: its on circuit!! We was so long patient – it dont have? a problem to be it a little bit more.

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Do you want a REAL particle system and more? Here we are mates:

Flow modeling made easy Welcome to Flow Science, a leading provider of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) solutions. Flow Science’s flagship software, FLOW-3D, provides a powerful tool for complex fluid modeling problems. FLOW-3D enables highly accurate simulations of free-surface flows using TruVOF, the original and true form of the Volume-of-Fluid technique. Continue Reading


Movimento? software is a video-based motion capture solution for tracking non-rigid objects such as faces, hands, bodies or clothing.

Flexible enough to work with any type of video camera, robust enough to track stationary or moving footage, Movimento technology utilizes existing equipment and familiar processes to produce 3D positional marker data. The Movimento application can also track other scene information, such as camera paths, lens distortion, global motion, and animated marker relations.

Download LINK:


180 mb


Today’s demand for special effects in feature films, commercials and spatial visualization is simply tremendous. Integrating 3D CGI elements into live action motion pictures is now a standard creative service which every post-production studio needs to be able to provide for its clients. Science-D-Visions foresaw this creative trend and created 3D-Equalizer with all your specific industry requirements in mind.

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Shader FX is a full-featured real-time shader editor for 3ds Max. It allows artists with no previous programming experience to build complex HLSL or CG FX shaders.

These shaders can be used inside the 3dsMax viewport, game engines or real-time (architectural) visualization.

Built inside 3ds Max, it offers a gradual learning curve.

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Hi to everyone. So I’m back and here we go again :

3dsmax 2009 Mega Pack Plugins:

Update: lots of 3dsmax 2009 plugins (+250 plugins) (AIO)

download from here :



All Cebas plugins + Sitni.Sati Plugins + Habware Plugins + nPower + RPC + Maxwell + Lumonix and … Continue Reading

digital tute

Digital Tutors – Motorcycle Modeling Techniques in Maya | 2.3 GB

Learn a time-saving workflow to modeling motorcycles and production-ready techniques to hard surface modeling with design constraints, building complex machined and man-made parts, and methods of adding detail for realism. Contains over 8 hours of self-paced training for artists using Maya. Continue Reading


Vue 7 xStream offers professional CG artists a complete toolset for creating and rendering exceptionally rich and realistic natural environments in 3ds Max, Maya, LightWave, Cinema 4D and XSI.

Access all the power of the world’s leading 3D scenery program directly from within your favorite application. Create and edit beautifully detailed natural environments using your application’s standard manipulators.

Render everything together inside 3ds Max, Maya, LightWave, Cinema 4D or XSI, with full interaction between Vue and native elements, including 2-way mutual shadow casting, reflection, refraction and GI.

Vue 7 xStream provides a unique, unmatched solution for creating and integrating high quality natural scenery into any professional production pipeline, from architectural visualization to broadcast and film.

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