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Digital-Tutors : Introduction to MotionBuilder 2012

Digital-Tutors : Introduction to MotionBuilder 2012
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  • 2 hrs. 42 min.
  • Released on August 1, 2011
  • Project Files Included (135 MB)
  • Required Software: MotionBuilder 2012

In this series of lessons, you will be provided with the foundations of working inside of MotionBuilder. Continue Reading

Autodesk? MotionBuilder 2012 32Bit & 64Bit

Autodesk? MotionBuilder? 2012 software delivers new tools for virtual movie-making, performance animation, and stereoscopic productions, and enhanced interoperability with other products in the Autodesk? Entertainment Creation Suites 2012.













Autodesk? MotionBuilder? 2011 32Bit & 64Bit

Autodesk? MotionBuilder? 2011 software delivers features that enable it to integrate more smoothly and reliably into production pipelines. With extended animation layers that closely match those in Autodesk? Maya? 2011 software, a more consistent method for handling materials, and native support for version of Autodesk? FBX? 2011 asset exchange technology, artists will find it easier to use MotionBuilder 2011 alongside certain other products.

In addition, skinning and blendshape deformations now calculated on the GPU, the in-viewport experience is significantly more interactive, and playback many times faster, while the Story Tool offers greater stability and performance.

What’s New in MotionBuilder 2011

Autodesk? MotionBuilder? 2011 3D character animation software includes the following new and enhanced features:
NVIDIA? PhysX? plug-in enables better creation of rag-doll simulations.
Improved animation layers match the behavior of those in Maya 2009 and higher, and offer better interoperability.
Skinned characters play back faster by using the computing power of the GPU.
Updated native Autodesk? FBX? 2011 format support helps eliminate extra translation steps.

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The Character Animator Toolkit for Motion Builder
This Master Class will demonstrate both practical tools and ideas for creating custom character rigs and animation using Autodesk’s Motion Builder software. Our intended audience is current Motion Builder users of the beginning to intermediate level, as well as riggers and animators whom are new to Motion Builder. Our topics will include the rigging and keyframe animation of characters as well as special animation procedures often needed in production.
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