15 comments on “Neat Video Pro for OFX v4.1.1 Win/Mac/Lnx

  1. Is this one any better than avisynth denoise/degrain filters? Anyone did any comparison?

  2. Maybe I’m stupid, but the username, companyname and the serial doesn’t work. Is there something to know, cause ist is all writen in text data without space. 🙂

    And…thank u! 🙂

  3. sry guys, the filter doesnt work. Installation and registration worked fine but if apply the denoiser to a clip and configure it, there´s no change between the original and the denoised version. I´ll tryed it out several times an it has no effect at all. I´ve tryed the same version of Neat in After Effects on the same clip and it works great!
    I´m on Davinci 12.5 maybe that´s the reason why it doesnt work!

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