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23 comments on “Autodesk Toxik 2008 – 32 bits

  1. I can’t see the different with Combustion. We can do exactly the same things with both.

  2. ^JimBiscuit, the difference with Toxik is it handles higher res. footage better. It has some funky ways of interperating 4K+ size images, therefor better suited to film and HD.

    thanks for the post CGP.

  3. A ok Thanks

    Autodesk it’s not intelligent. It should upgrade Combustion instead of create a new softawre.

  4. I agree mate. Who knows what’s going on in their head? *Smoke, *Flame, *Inferno, *Flint, *Combustion, *Toxik – hell, that could be ONE great peice of s/w if it was rolled into one????

  5. guys…they wanna earn money!

    by the way… does anyone of you have problems downloading the first part??
    it says it’ld have been abused…

  6. This is a complete ?professional entry level? studio based off Max 9.
    It is missing two components which I would be very happy if someone here could fill if I provide any other files. The two things this production suite is missing are ?hairtrix? and a Mocap animation solution.

    This is the most advanced studio workflow I could devise without using Maya/renderman as the base and not including advanced post prodcution like a flame.
    3ds Max really needs animated hair. You can’t animate hair using max hair unless you convert into splines which takes massive amounts of memory. A hair plugin that supports hair animation is needed. This comes stock in maya but not max.For max 9 “Hairtrix” is the only option.I’m requesting “hairtrix” plugin for 3ds Max to help people learn to animate hair in max. Hairtrix combines 2 older plugins into one for max 8, 9 and 2008.
    Please try to locate the max 9 plugin file as I have been unable to.
    Thanks and I’m glad to be a member here this site has already helped me out a lot.


  8. thanks, Autodesk
    2008 MAx installed Perfectly, but the problem is, its slow

  9. Thanks for the file factory links :)

    Rapidshare is a pain with no subscription ..

  10. This a very special link not wait

    maybe u like them

  11. great you guys are
    who are sharing knowledge
    cant tell how much these things helps
    thanks to all

  12. nice photoshop matte painting tutorial check it out………17mb……pdf

  13. Dont work for me, i was tested various versions and all the same, nothing, not working, dont display any message, simply nothing.

  14. Hi all

    Anyone managed to find Autodesk Toxik 2008 SP1 64bit fully working…you can download the SP1 update from the Autodesk site but needs a license..



  15. Hi,
    Links do not work properly… i mean, don’t work at all :) … could you put new links to toxik or use something different than rapidshare.
    Regards :)

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