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15 comments on “HAIRTRIX V1.7.0.74 FOR 3DS MAX 9-2008 (32BIT and 64BIT)

  1. This is a great addition to a studios workflow!

    I will be trying this out and will post some feedback soon.

    Hair is a very important part of any pipeline and this is a much needed component.

    With this, who needs maya! :)

    Just kidding, I still need maya but this does overcome a huge draw back that max has over maya, right out of the box.

    While max will let you create “stock” max hair its very complicated to animate and gets even harder when you realise facial morphs wont work except with memory intensive hair to spline conversions. While maya on the other hand supports animation with their hair right out of the box.

  2. HI The Conformer… How are u? Nice reply… Look, i work with both, coz they do some things better than the other. I like both, maya has Paint Effects, for example. Max its better with path deform for example. To do simple things i found max better.

  3. Hello everyone,
    I try to have some version of maya installed on workstaions because it can do so many things max can’t. I have been using 8.5 maya and I’m sure maya 9 works well but I have not upgraded my pc to 9 yet. Even if you can’t use maya you can still open it up and find features which will help your art look even better.


  4. ???? ?????? ???? ??? ????? ????? ? ???? ?? ??? ??????. ???? ??? serian in the clipboard “clipboard”?!

  5. where does the serial number get copied too?
    where’s the clipboard?

  6. I can’t download in rapidshare, always limited and the link from deposit files says file is gone after the wait. Can someone please host the 32bit version for max8 in another site? please?

  7. Chrysley
    For Max 8 you can use de plugin Shag:Hair
    (works with version 6 through to 8)
    And Nelson

    Thanks to the post

  8. Hi.
    Anyone there have a link to Hairtrix for Max2009?

  9. If you use the AVG, disable it.
    Tools > Advanced settings > Resident Shield :
    Disable the “Enable Resident Shield” temporarily.
    After cracked, enabled it again.

  10. it needs a serial to be authorize… where would i find the serial?

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