20 comments on “X-Frog Collection Plants

  1. thx a lot 😀

    i have a question…
    could you post VUE 6.x ?? with aditional plants ? PLEASE 🙂

  2. hey i was just wondering if anyone had a suggestion for me for downloading all of these files on rapidshare without the wait time. i have googled it multiple times to no avail.

  3. @MF3dream. plugins for max and lightwave
    or this :
    Greenworks Xfrog 3.5 Standalone – XfrogTune1.0 Plugins for 3D Studio Max 6-9, Maya 7-8, Cinema4D 9

    XFrog 4 Alpha 5 For Max 9 – 32 Bit
    This ( Export XFrog ) Plugin Works Fine with Max9 32 Bit
    here is the latest import plugin for max9 sp2

    i also have link for another xfrog tree libraries, i’ll add later.

  4. Here is plugin for cinema 4d:

    I’m not a C4D user though…

  5. Thanks very much for that!!
    Is it possible to upload more of the plant collection?
    I love it!

  6. Thats Great
    Plz post a Link except rapidshare.com plz its sucks! or tell me a way to chane my ip So can download unlimted help me out! as soon as posibel or i lost my passions .

  7. I have some problems installing the plugin for 3dsmax9.
    I copy the dlo to the plugins folder and then nothing happens in max.
    The xfr extension doesn’t appear in import file list.

    Does anyone know why plz ?

  8. the same here i caon’t see the name in control panel or when i try to import, do you know why happen this ?
    thank you

  9. this rar files does not extract my PC
    Please help me…..
    you mail me

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