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51 comments on “CG Academy – 3dsMax Megapack (30 DVDs – 65 GB)

  1. These are actually the great stuff, But Please Please provide torrent files for each title, as RS wouldn’t work for me. Can we wait for your Torrent files on RS links.

  2. wow, you?re great … and at all our torrent lovers … just buy a 30 day account on RS … i think it?s worth it … cause you pay no cent for this ..

    • Does RS require a credit card even if you won’t pay? ‘Cause that would only be great for people with credit cards.

  3. First of all thank you alot.
    but its impossible to dowload like this. we need a torrentt file plz

  4. lol @ torrent lovers… just buy a rapidshare account for a few days… the price of the dvd’s compared to the small price for a RS account is incomparable!….

  5. great!!!!… in a couple of weeks i?ll tell you. for now, thanks alot!!!!

  6. Modelling Fundamentals 1 – 4 by Chris Thomas are down. Please reupload. thanks

  7. these are great stuff,,,,could you please post rs links for modeling fundamental 1-4….thanks

  8. Okie Friendz, Torrent Will Be Post in Some Dayz.. Wait.. :)


  9. Great Share Thank You This is something that everyone can use over and over again.


  10. !!!!!Hey personnel of Torrent. Using the Jdownloader. It is only copy and paste links to Rapishare for him that he makes the download!!!!!

  11. This is the best post ever for me, but I can’t download via rapidshare. I need torrent. Thanks in advance.

  12. a simple search and you can find a torrent for these

    its a pack containing 22 dvds so its a start


  13. what are the .cdd files in a couple of the disks? They seem to be encrypted or zipped but I didn’t see anything that explained what they are, or if I need to keep them for some reason?

  14. Oh, and since I forgot to mention it just now, THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

    8 ) may a million camels leave solid gold presents on your carpets!

  15. Is there anybody who could upload those sharingmatrix files on RapidShare ? Thnx

  16. fuck:
    This file is suspected to contain illegal content and has been blocked. After the file has been blocked for 7 days it will automatically be deleted, if the block is not removed by RapidShare. For this reason, a download of this file is currently not possible.

  17. Yeah plz Fix it for us, the links are down already.

    Some torrents would be usefull for us.

    Plz ty :)

  18. Thanx a bunch! But as said before, links are down. (Had 3 more parts to go for the animation one :P ) Please re-up or post torrents, this is by far one of the most amazing posts I’ve seen! Thanks!!!

  19. Reupload, all links are down for RS…

    Anyway, the best post i ever seen, awesome!

  20. Torrent plz rapidshaire sucks says its blocked due to illegal content and then will be deleted…………..

  21. LOL @ its not about the money, its about comfort. I cant just click on those link all day long. Torrent pls

  22. the advance modeling links doesn?t works for me, any way thanks man
    8D, could you reupload?

  23. Amazing pack! But…. links are not working!! Anyway thanks for all.

    Why dont you use a link saver??

    Its very useful links with a dlc (container type) extension. Links will not die!! ;-)


  24. I hate word torrent. lol torrent contain viruses. slowwww speed. why not use rapidshare … excellent speed, mine at 700kb/s. torrent 20kb/s and dead. how long you will finish 65GB. 1 year, 2 years. common man I hate the words torrent.

  25. Amazing pack. Thanks

    But can you reupload some of the parts (the modeling fundamental ones)

  26. hi, please i need this links:

    i only need this archives.


  27. Torrent here.

    Host here.
    only have the complete set.
    Download some and add/replace in the folders Part 1/ Part 2 Help to seed.

  28. Hi. When downloading from rapidshare or other sites like these try using //// All u have to do is just to copy the links, and presto he does the waiting for you. Works g8th whit megaupload, easy-share, hotfile and other sites. However to download all the 65 GB will take wile.

    This site is g8th it has all the good stuff for CG. From a free loter like me :D THANKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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