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SIGERTOOLS VRay Studio Setup Pro v.1.1.3 FLUX
V-Ray Studio Setup Pro is a plugin for automating studio lighting setups for use with the V-Ray rendering engine and 3ds Max.

– Live creation of studio setups
– Quick access to all of the items properties
– Completely customizeable generated Platform Objects (shape, length, height, width, roundness, material, etc.)
– Completely customizeable generated Softboxes (light parameters, shape, length, width, etc.)
– Completely customizeable generated Reflectors (color, shape, length, width, etc.)
– Pre-built studio lighting and camera setups
– Adapts V-Ray settings depending on chosen resolution
– Switch between ‘Low’ and ‘Production’ settings with one click
– Extended System of Presets
– Compatible with Max 2010 and 2011
– Compatible with V-Ray SP4/SP5
– Simple user-friendly interface
Additional Info:

Changes for 1.1.3 are:
* New Platform plug-in
* Five new Platform types: “Simple Floor”, “L”, “U”, “S”, “Round”
* Added “Roundness” parameter
* Added button “Lock W/L Size”
* Added new List for the created Platform objects
* Added possibility to rename Platform object and layer
* Added manager “Platform Parameters Presets”
* Added “FOV” parameter
* Added “White Balance Temperature” parameter
* Fixed White Balance presets
* Added button “Freeze Camera Toggle”
* Added button “Hide camera Toggle”
* Added manager “Camera Parameters Presets”
* Improved Light plug-in
* Added “Light XYZ position” parameters
* Added “Light Target XY position” parameters
* Added manager “Lights Parameters Presets”
* Improved Reflector plug-in
* New reflector types: “Rectangular”, “Disc”, “Convex”, “Concave”
* New Material/Map interfeice
* Added manager “Reflector Parameters Presets”


1: open up the installer application
2. install to your max dir Eg.c:\program files\autodesk\3ds max 2011
3. start up max (under admin)
4. Drag VRSSP113_Flux.mse in the keygen dir into max
5. Flux’d!






CG Academy 3Ds Max Megapack – 30 DVDs

Recorded On: 3Ds Max 9
Language: English
Instructors: Various
Total Time: 127 H
Total Size : 65 GB
Video : TechSmith CC 1280×1024 25.00fps
Audio : PCM 22050Hz mono 352Kbps

Download links.txt :

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ED209 Game Development Masterclass for 3ds Max, Photoshop and UT3 |Rapidshare|Megaupload (4 DVD)



Scaffold Mesh Building – creating a surrounding approximation mesh that allows us to make sure that everything is going to be built to scale and the right shape and that all the major shapes of the model will lie correctly whilst also allowing us to ascertain what the basic shapes that make the piece are.

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3Ds Max MasterClass Series – SIGGRAPH 2004 – COMPLETE COLLECTION – ALL CDs

Offering attendees of the 2004 SIGGRAPH Conference the opportunity to evolve their skills and expand their knowledge on Discreet’s 3ds max? animation software, combustion? visual effects software, and character studio? software through a series of exclusive master classes.? Sponsored by ATI, Discreet will hold 12 different classes hosted by Discreet’s training specialists and by computer graphics & visual effects industry experts including Chris Harvey of Frantic Films, Matthew Merkovich of Digital Dimension and RT Taylor formerly of Rhythm & Hues. The 2004 SIGGRAPH Conference is being held in Los Angeles

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Free tutorials from AllanMckay

introducing fire, smoke, explosions and all other concepts that are tied to fume fx. We cover working and handling fluids and understanding the complex process. Working with particles, compositing fire and making the most of the entire fluids process! Definitely one for people who want to raise the bar on effects, essentially aimed at advanced users, but designed thoroughly enough for most users to be able to keep up.

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CG Academy – MAXScript Fundamentals 1 – Variables Macroscripts & Functions

In this first DVD in our MAXScript Fundamentals series Laszlo will take you through the first principles of MAXScript, such as Variables, Properties, For Loops, Flow Control, making your code into a MacroScript for easier access on your toolbars, Functions and how to make your own custom Functions from your own MAXScript code.
This DVD is aimed at an intermediate 3dsmax user who wants to harness the power of MAXScript and at those moving over to 3dmax from another platform that need to transfer their scripting skills. MAXScript will allow you to both to make your workflow easier via custom tools, and also to push beyond any limits placed on you by the systems GUI. Note: No previous programming or scripting experience is needed for this DVD.

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