8 comments on “Gnomonology – The Refinery Project

  1. thanks for this tutorial. What is the problem with the first part? thanks again.

  2. Since the first file dont work the whole first disk is no good. So the hole beginning of the project is no good. That first file would be great to get….

  3. @ PopperRocka

    Take the missing file name, namely ‘refinery11.part01.rar’, google it, download for other working sources.

  4. You can find the file ‘refinery11.part01.rar’ here:


  5. Dude i i dont know how you do it AND i probably dont wanna know how u do but…..


    PS sry about that last part :)

    HAve a nice weekend

  6. Well seems to be that the link is still working when i try maybe iam lucky maybe not just try it as primary!!

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