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11 comments on “Noesis Interactive: 3D Content Creation In 3dsMax

  1. Hey man great post.Do you have more content from Noesis?I’m looking for:

    Intro to Source Vehicle Programming
    Source Vehicle Scripting

    I can’t find those anywhere.

    • man this vieo not include this.

      * Autodesk 3dsMax interface
      * Introduction to modeling
      * Basic texture application
      * Modeling from reference imagery
      * Step by step construction of biped characters

  2. This is just a 53:22 divx covering just part of this:

    # Intro
    # Viewports
    # Selections
    # Groups & Layers
    # Link Selections & Hierarchy
    # Transformation
    # Hide & Freeze
    # Primitives
    # Hierarchy Exercise

    The DVD rip iso doesn’t include :
    * Polygon Objects
    * Modifier
    * Shapes
    * Cloning
    * Rendering
    * Materials
    * Material Maps
    * Polygon Subdivision Modeling

    * UV Mapping

    * Laptop Display
    * Geometry Modeling
    * Spline Modeling
    * Texturing

    * Robot Display
    * Robot Head
    * Robot Body
    * Robot Leg
    * Robot Arm
    * Hip & Hand Detailing
    * Belt Detailing
    * Arm & Leg Detailing
    * Backpack & Helmet
    * Robot Texturing
    * Mixer Preview


  3. Any torrent links for this one? Would be hell to download all these from RS and with a free user as well. Oh man!!!

  4. I’ve been looking for torrents too and can’t find anything. Rapidshare isn’t viable for many of us. Please bring back (right now it just redirects here)

  5. Any emule or torrent links would be severely appreciated. Downloading from those rapidshare links are very painful.

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