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3D Content Creation with Autodesk? 3dsMax?, part of the MOD Your World? training series from Noesis Interactive?, focuses on teaching how to ?Build Your Character?. Learn the fundamentals of the Autodesk? 3dsMax? interface as well as professional techniques for polygon modeling, texture application, and more. Learn to generate props from scratch, and follow step-by-step instruction walking you through creating your own game-ready humanoid characters.
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This demonstration is a four hour timelapse of the entire making of the African Woman by Rick Baker. There is no audio. Rick begins with a simple humanoid torso basemesh from which he sculpts the woman. The final result consists of several subtools that originate from mesh extractions.
The demo is made with Zbrush 3.0 beta, therefore the interface looks a little different from the final release.
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Animation Tutorial from ILM & Sony Animator

Humanoid Animation I features the most complex walk cycle ever recorded for an animation tutorial video. In this video veteran animator David Weinstein will show you how he breaks down and begins his walk cycles – moving onto cleanup – and finally the high resolution details. Using a layering technique, David will show the viewer how to understand the mechanics of each section of the body. Building and blending all the body quadrants together to achieve a full character walking performance. Then in the final stages bringing the character to life by adding high frequency animation additions including keyframed skin, muscle, fat and facial performance. This is a tutorial that should not be missed.

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