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35 comments on “RAYFIRE TOOL for 3dsmax 2008-2010 (32-bit)

  1. I think for the 64-bit version you can try to use the same crack and download the demo from their website.( It had worked for the previous version)

  2. Thanks a lot immortal for the package , very appriciated .
    Lets see if dreamscape is released for max 2010 , i didnt install 2010 yet because of that plug ins .

    • yep :), can you tell me how do you use dreamscape and menatl ray please. Do you have to do compositing or is there a way of rendering dreamscape oblect with mental ray. For example a plane which have to be render with mr and a landscape with dreamscape. how do you do? thx

      • Think MR and DreamScape actually are fully compatible,as DreamScape used with Scanline or Vray! Haven’t used it for times, but think this is it! :)

        So no need for compositing…

        • a ok thx because when I tested it says it cannot render I don’t know what XD thx
          (I think it was because I used a dreamscape material)

          • i did some animations using dreamscape sea but it was rendered in V-ray , never tryed mental ray in dreamscape .
            I Will try to do something later and see what messages i got or if it is possible .

            P.S. sorry for tha delay , i only notice now your message immortal .

            • sorry again for tha delay eheheheeh , i was testing max 2010 and i had to uninstall 2009 but i returned again ;)

              i believe that you problem is connected to the materials that dreamscape use , because it can be rended only with “default scan line or Vray” , dreamscape materials are problably conected in some way with vray materials and because of that mental ray can not assign those materials (like you said before) .
              i copyed one of the errors to here and as we can see mental ray can not assign those materials . after all metalray is a basic render compared with vray . Diferences beetween them are the quality of results and render speed as we all know .

              MSG 0.0 error: Atmospheric “DreamScape” is not supported.
              MSG 0.0 error: Texture map “Map #0 ( DreamScape: Composite )” is not supported by mental ray and will not render.

          • It probably has to do with incomptability between MR and DS. It’s like what existed between MR and 3dmax’s 7-8 raytrace mats. MR was designed to use it own mats, prefixed with ‘mr’ in the matlib; so even tho MR rendered fine with 3dmax’s raytrace, there was a lot of artifacting, compared to smooth renders results using MR with MR mats. It’s only because 3dsmax’s users were crying to get this problem solved, that the makers of MR went ahead and did it; an it was much better in 3dsmax 9 and onwards.

    • did you try the crack on the 64 -bit version?
      it worked for the previous version (and there is no physx support in the 64 bit)

  3. jose yes you are right there link is dead, maybe someone have download it and can upload the 64-bit please :)

    • You can download the 64-bit demo from “RayFire Tool 1.44 Demo – 64 bit – 3ds Max 9” link, as this installer is for 2008 – 2010 (x64), then just copy the RayFireTool.mse to the appropriate directory :-P

      Direct link to 64 bit installer:,%202008,%202009,%202010%20-%2064%20bit%20(DEMO).exe

    • @immortal900

      are you sure that just using the 32bit crack is working for the 64bit ?

  4. Hi (jose) I’m search long For You on the internet and find 64bit version
    1::Rayfier Toolse RF 1.43 v 2008&2009 32_64 bit Full Verion (14.9MB)
    Stile Not Cracked RF 1.44 Now in this time
    i Hope Help You And Evryone Thanks…

  5. Is possible to use the crack with the new version of rayfire 1.45?? O.o

    • No, it doesn’t really…
      It allows 1.45 to run as 1.44.
      The new features are not available.

  6. The Crack doesn’t work for me on 2010 version, I copied and pasted it into the programme files 3dsmax/plugins/RayFireTool and when i try to run it in max it says ‘Cannot create RayFireLicense.txt’

    Can someone help please?

    • you have to open it as local admin, but when I try to create the animation, it freezes and even after a day, its still frozen so idk if its going to work for you, though its probubly just the SHITTYNESS OF VISTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  7. ok i found if anyone needs here it is

    • That will make RF version 1.45 not 1.46

      Besides 1.49 with 64bit physx is ready and avaible to licenced users, and will be avaible in store afrer 1-2 weeks, which will be end january/first week of febuary

      better get 1.49

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