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Shatter the limitations of top-down only topography in 3D terrain design
? Model previously unimaginable rock formations right inside Vue
? Learn how to get started from the inventor himself
? Create alcoves, overhangs, boulders, arches, monuments and even fantastical terrains
? Learn to model breathtaking rock formations using Fractals
? Explore the power of Displacement
? Understand the importance of fractal scale in relation to Displacement
? Easily create infinite variations from a single rock formation
? Learn to use the new Bump and Displacement features in Vue 8
? NOTE: This technique can be used in Vue 6, 7 and 8.

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Organic surfacing for design

T-Splines for Rhino helps designers easily create and edit fluid, organic shapes for design and manufacturing. This plugin, tightly integrated with Rhino 4, adds a suite of new surfacing tools to help designers speed up their design time, accomplish tasks that would be tedious or difficult in Rhino, and translate between subdivision surface modeling programs and Rhino.

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