34 comments on “143 Vray Materials (.Mat)

  1. karet harf nadareh kheyli agayeh in vray asle yane kond render nemikoneh materialhat ham mesle khodet taro tamizand

  2. can somebody crack this little HCG Asset manager? it costs 20 dolars per machine… and one license is never enough.

  3. Thanks for the material…

    I have a problem to load it in the new slate 3dsmax 2011
    1. When i try to load a material with bitmaps, it dont load the bitmaps. i have to route it manually .
    2. then when i try to save the same material, it didn’t save the bitmap with ?!?

    What’s wrong ?

    Please help if you can…

  4. iv a problem with my 3ds max, when i click load render setup nothing shows :S even when i press f10 or go threw the drop downs nothing shows, anybody think they can help ?

  5. Hi Stan
    Its the same prob that i mention above. The bitmaps are not loaded with the file. The best way to reroute quickly the pictures is to use “relink bitmaps ” a nice script for 5$ who make it automatically.

    By the way this guy have a lot of pretty usefull scripts

  6. Thanks Philcoraz but thats isnt what i was lookin for, the problem is the GUI it’s self for the render setup dosnt appear when i click it so im not even albe to select Vray as my render engine

  7. Stan… Maybe its not installed in the good folder, it must work ?

    • i am really not to sure, im going to reinstal is again and see if changes anything , thanks tho

  8. tnx, from Iran
    and here’s de direct link

  9. hai frnds, how r u? this is anbu from india.. i need ur help. am doing 1 3d-exterior building project. any one can send me v-ray settings(3ds max working file).. its very urgent yaar. please.. mail me to “anbustar.sun@gmail.com” please please. thankx frnds

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