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46 comments on “BVH MEGA PACK V2

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  1. nevermind, found it somewhere else with rapidshare links…. This site is becoming nothing more than a great place to find out what I need to go elsewhere to download……..

  2. I starting to agree with Beterthnyu. Hotfile sucks with JDownloader, since you have to enter Captchas for every single thing. Rapidshare is better.

    Beterthnyu: If you feel like it, I’d love to hear your alternative source. Feel free to email me if you don’t want to announce it publicly.

    • I’ve never had to enter in captchas for any hotfile in jdownloader nor have ever had any problems. Check your settings and actually READ the instructions to any type of software before complaining.

      Thanks for the upload btw. =D

      • hi blah, could you please shed a little more light into this? (besides saying rtfm ; )
        unless you have a hotfile premium account, how does jdownloader solve/bypass the hotfile captchas? i know it can solve it automatically for a number of other och’s but haven’t had any luck with hotfile so far, which is really annoying since so many people use it.
        as far as the other say… i have to agree that RS at the moment seems to be the most convenient solution without premium accounts… but as we all know this could change again any day ; )

  3. I havent read any policy that says I cant post links to places to get stuff, so here you go.

    I would link directly to the rapidshare links, and not the page that supplies them, but damnit if they are going to use rapidshare, then they deserve the credit.

  4. Btw, this release contains the 2008 version of the BVH files from Carnegie Mellon. You can get the 2010 versions here:

    Look under Motion Capture.

    Also note that the BVHs for Motionbuilder are in fact the 2010 versions and not the 2008 vr.

  5. @ beterthnyu & Tom “THERE ARE NO CAPCHAS FOR HOTFILE!”

    I hope that explains thing in a very clear way…sheesh!

    • Guy… There IS a captcha for each download, and Jdownloader do not understand it by himself, and thats fucking irritating. And adding this, the free version of hotfile is just freaking slow !

      Just upload to megaupload + rs, everyone wont complain anymore.

    • no captchas for hotfile??? well, i don’t know where you live. maybe they have different policies depending from what country you use their service.
      I definitely have to submit a captcha for EVERY single hotfile file…. and apparently i am not the only one.
      Sometimes it doesn’t hurt to not consider yourself “all-knowing” and bark around on first sight…. but maybe that’s the way you were brought up?
      anyhow… to everyone else who did not get the point of the question. this was not a complaint. it was a simple question…. and yes I can read! Checked the jdownloader manual again…. double checked the captcha settings in the options. it is definitely hotfile which is asking for captchas in jdownloader. maybe it does not require solving captchas when using their service manually… never tried.

  6. I can?t believe what I?m reading! Before you get your panties in an up roar! Really, stop and think what it would have cost you if you really had to pay for these apps?

    To truly take advantage of any file download you need to have and pay for multiple download services. At the moment I currently have three of the most popular ones (HF, RS, FS) Just having RS alone and asking the provider to re-up the files to another service to suite your greedy file needs is truly pathetic!

    Unless you truly know or have ever spent the hours upon hours uploading Giga-bytes of data you have no CLUE what you are asking? Let alone what you are doing?

    We should all count our blessings and need to more humble for all the free educational software opportunities currently out there now.

    So, Instead of being part of the problem you should be part of the solution!

    So, quite you?re complaining Leeches and get with the program!
    Spread the word!

    • greedy fileneeds? …how would you know?
      did you even take the time and think for a minute before you wrote this?
      did it ever occur to you that some people might be currently in a situation where they just cannot afford the payed service, even if it might seem to be a pathetic small sum for you right now? maybe take a look at yourself – read your post again and think about what you are really saying.
      anyhow – if i could afford it at the moment i would rather pay the developers instead of paying even one single cent to the oneclickhosters since in my eyes those are the real thieves – only existing to make money out of cracked software or stolen media.

      • Ok Tom, let me analyze what you?re saying here?

        So, you in the meantime you will pirate and steal software, so you can educate yourself to get a good paying job, so you can make lots of money, so you can buy there software.

        I think you got it backwards Dude! And you?re missing the point.

        My point was and still is;
        ?Beggars can?t be choosers?
        ?Never bite the hand that feeds you????.end quotes!

        • hey superenduser ; )
          your analysis is wrong! I don’t believe a lot in discussions and arguing… only time and experience will change opinons – not words.
          since i don’t think it’ll make alot of sense to continue this i usually would not have replied anymore… but since you said “i think” instead of “you do” i guess it’s at least appropriate to say this….
          “let’s forget about it for now and do just what you suggested already before… enjoy all the great goodies in here” ….
          have a nice time : )

  7. Thanks for this cool post.

    I get a chuckle out of all the knucle-heads arguing over whos the better carrier, and how a lousy nine bucks, usually for a months subscription, will just destroy their life financially.

    I used to be a very strong Rapidshare advocate, that is, untill I grew a brain, and read the small print.

    You see, even with a paid Rapidshare subscription, you are only alloted so much downloaded, within a given time frame, before its all used up, and you have to wait for the account to refill.

    Sounds pretty stupid, and, it is, and it used to really bother me then also, but I never looked into any other service, because at first, Rapidshare really was the stuff.

    Then, it started to bug me even more, as to how, all the sites seemed to be offering nothing but Hotfile.

    So, I looked into that.

    Glad I did, I never went back.

    With a Hotfile subscription, I get it by the month for nine dollars. Woo hoo, real bank drainer there. And with that subscription, you get unlimited downloads, …did someone say unlimited? Unlimited downloads, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, non stop downloading for the length of your subscription.

    Also, I have NEVER had to fill out a Captcha, ever, using Hotfile, and CryptLoad. I just right click on the Hotfile link, and budda bing, here it comes.

    I dont have to plead my point to anyone, just do some research, you’ll finally see why more and more sites only run Hotfile.

  8. whats ironic is that jdownloader is hosted on hotfile, and cryptload is hosted on rapidshare….

    • The only thing that’s useless in here is your cut’n’paste comment.
      Oh sorry, I forgot that you cannot read, otherwise you porbably would have noticed that someone posted the RS links already yesterday.

      Anyhow… still trying to figure out why some people have to solve captchas for hotfile while don’t. I’d really like to get rid of the captchas. Do you guys maybe have reconnect enabled? That might be the solution since i guess the first file from an ip is “free”.
      And for all the non believers… just google jdownloader-hotfile ; )

      • lol, you say I cant read?

        You idiot, I’m the one that posted that comment both times, and posted the rapidshare links.

        lol, what an idiot.

        • HAHA : ) that’s a REALLY good one. 100 Points for you!
          You totally got me there…. and you really made me laugh about myself right now.
          Had a strange feeling about that post anyway!

          Besides that – I still don’t get what you complain about then… but it doesn’t matter…. I’ll retire from the discussion anyway since it was, is and probably always will be a waste of time…. a had just forgotten about that and was not in the best shape on that day….. it was a good laugh though.
          thanks ; )

  9. In order to finish this the proper way – here is a link from the jdownloader forum which explains why hotfile (and many others) captcha recognition does not work (and probably never will)

    i am pretty sure now that the ones who do not have hotfile captcha problems are either just using a premium account or have reconnect enabled. (which does not work for users with a static IP)

    it would help if someone of the “hotfile = no captcha” guys could confirm this.

  10. hey bzune didnt you find a better service there is a lot of good free services (rapidshare, hotfile, megaupload…) this tinypaste sucks and i cant get the donwloading links.

  11. And what about this shitty widget that prevent you to get to the links unless you install some stupid (and probably add/spyware full) toolbar?

    • You could also use the “view source” menu command available in every web browser to find the links manually and copy/paste them.

  12. Why i cant load those .bvh files in 3ds max for .bip skeletons ? It says “an error occurred while loading this file”
    Any advices ?

    • Hi bostjannn, I have the same problem with some of the files. The Carnegie Mellon are no problem since you can download the 2010 version from as blah said; but the Credo files (Mega Mocap 1 and 2) can’t be imported in 3D max (2008). I had tried to find a .mnm file for this but with no luck.
      I manage to import one of them to Poser 7 but it distort the mesh and if you export the bvh back to 3d max the problem persist. They also can’t be open in bvhacker….
      If you find a solution please let me know!

  13. Use Firefox with the free addon Adblock and you get the tiny paste links straight away.

  14. I do use firefox… It’s weird. I downloaded the first files without popups but now I can’t get tp the links anymore…

  15. Hey! Thanks spongebob! It works like a charm… didn’t know this Add blocker, really usefull!

  16. Hey guys., We are here just to educate ourself. This comment posting option is to help and to discuss. What we do in this site is already not good for the developers of the softwares and the companies. We must understand that what we get here is already a free gift and we cannot claim for it. If someone has prob with hotfile or rapidshare, just request an alternate. May be someone will help u. Comparing to these both, torrent is much better.

  17. Tiny paste?
    Eat shits and die!
    (yeah i know how to disable javascript in FFox, but getting money for pirated soft is plain retarded…so… again, eat shits and die)

  18. I wonder if anyone can shed some light on using hotfile premium account with jdownloader..I cant seem to get it to work even after following the guide
    I cant get hotfile support to answer me
    jdownloader only tells me its invalid account..anyone ?

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