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20 comments on “Autodesk Mudbox ? Wayne Robson: LIVE In Berlin

  1. Wayne Robson’s Mudbox – Live in Berlin Full DVD

    • Mirror:

      • Mirror:

    • The DVD is about $48 so if you can afford it please go to

      • Yes, If anyone is interested, can buy this product to support the team that made it.

        • I’m all for buying it, so long as I can see a preview first. I’m unemployed/broke and 3d is only an on again, off again hobby for me. This makes paying hard to justify. I do try to help others whenever I can though. I know it isn’t much, but at least I’m trying to pay back the community in some small fashion. So, does anyone have a link so I can see if this is worth downloading, little alone buying? Thanks! :)

  2. Such a great 3d artist, too bad he sounds like his mouth is full of mothballs when he talks. I can barely understand 25% of what he says.

    I wish he would place closed captions in his videos. Doesn’t he get it?
    Americans don’t fucking understand Scotts… especially when they have such heavy accents.

    • He has the worse British accent then. I can totally understand nearly any English accent but his… Oh, regarding your IDIOT comment, go fuck yourself with a hot poker.

  3. I think he is British I too can’t understand a lot of what he says. I am not saying that it’s his fault though, but I am more accustomed to US English that’s what I am saying :D

    • I think his regional accent, be it Scott, Brit or Japanese is the worse I’ve ever heard. Hell I understand Spanish, Portuguese, and even some French.. yet this guy.. I can barely pick out what he’s saying.

      • The guy is English. The Scotts and the English are both part of Britain, therefore both are British. Never confuse the two, cos you’ll just piss them off, as they have a mutual hatred for each other. It’s like calliing an American a Canadian as they are both from North America :)

        • LOL Or call “mexican” to someone from USA which has dark skin and a beerbelly

  4. Wayne rules and his work is awesome , i don t care his accent .. i can t wait to see this lesson .. i m fucking poor at this moment so thank you to everybody for sharing this gem ..
    thank you wayne and sorry if actually i can t support , :( ..
    Love your work. Your freaky creatures rocks , rocks and roll ! cheers .

    • Yer Wrong! He’s from the north east of England, a `Geordie` or a `Mackem`. Need to know anymore? Look it up!

  5. this wayne bloke is a cock, dont waste time listening to him, hes a jumped up prick.

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