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43 comments on “FXPHD VRY101 Introduction to V-Ray

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      For those who want to learn and Buy

  1. so much much much thanks, I didn’t found any good intro to vray, hope it be a complete guide, thanks..

  2. There should be a rule around here that every uploader should, MUST, use Multiupload. Period. If not, immediate deletion of post. So sick and tired of these lousy file hosts like Filesonic and this new junk one wupload. All of them are slow, all of them kick the connection. And you can’t say it’s my connection because Megaupload works beautifully, without fail every day, but no one uses MU because they can’t make money from it.

    • there should be a rule around here that moaner bitches like yourself should be banned
      buy a filesonic account you cheap bastard

      • IrOnboy, I couldn’t have put it better myself!
        I for one give a big thanks for the post. I remember the days when spending a month downloading a torrent on dial up was the norm.
        You give people four options as to how they would like to (cough) preview these tuts, and mincey little bitches complain that you’re not catering to their needs.
        Keep up the good work IrOnboy. A copy of vray 2.0 for Maya wouldn’t go a miss! but like many others, I’ll be patient when it comes and grateful to the poster.
        Not like some of these turds who expect the world handed to them on a plate.

        • as i said before buy one your self you cheap ass fuck
          $2 a week put away in months time you will be able to buy one
          but I guess your too dumb for that

  3. boring tutorial, not even the real basics are explained, Gnomon is much better

  4. Agreed, when he said “I wont be going through GI because I never use it” I knew this was going to be a waste of time :) Not because I think GI is absoluty necessary to a render, but because an intro-tut to an app should cover all major features. Sat through all of it anyway, covers some shaders, some basic lighting, a few tips learned, but overall a very bad intro to vray. Most of what is taught you can get from spending an hour with the official vray docs.

    • This tut are for new bee and for professional work GI is Slow for production. If you are an expert of vray you should make a intro course.Vray for maya are lot more complex the vray 3dsmax Max. so you have to know how to optimize your rendering quickly.

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