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15 comments on “Studio Pro HDRi (Complete collection)

  1. Thanks, downloading…
    On the HDRI’s website- it looks awful, but I’m sure it’ll be perfect using VRayForC4D!

  2. Hey is there any possibility to see hdr light studio…is that thing uncrackable? ;)

  3. What’s the real difference between this and keyshot. Is it really worth it? I mean sure you can import your models for lighting set-ups but does it accept the model with full textures and everything?

    Wouldn’t it just be better to use Vray Studio Pro and set your own HDRI maps.

    I tend to stay away from plugins that Mac/C4D enthusiasts drool over. They’re usually for the lazy “CG Artist”, seriously, if you own a Mac or C4D, just go study business cause you won’t get far….but I’m digressing.

    • what the fuck you on about?
      you do realize this is not hdrlight studio the program as clearly stated in the thread?

      • chill out,man
        this hdri sets is absolutely great
        don’t waste ur energy on those idiots who doesn’t even fully check out the introduction

    • hey dude! please slow down! you enter at this post unloadings all your fury and angry about of what?… KeyShot it´s a Kind of program much diferent than HDRStudio (a software for desing HDR maps custom the final maps exported in dot HDR or EXR works independent), and Studio Pro HDRi are High Dynamic Range Maps or images, please read well because you only looks like ape with internet: Ir0nboy use his time in upload things all the world needs or search, and he don´t need agressions…

      Ir0nboy Thankyou again for this greats maps

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