13 comments on “Digital-Tutors – Creative Development: Using HDR Images for 3D Lighting in Maya

  1. Nice! Just starting with maya, I love this tutorials (and this amazing website)!

    I hope we could get the torrent soon!

    • Then you are genius, if you use this tutorial while “just starting with maya”. I am proud to be with you on the same site.
      And I appreciate as well your comments “torrent please” (as well as the same comments of other people). It is really worth my time to open the comments and to see “torrent please”.

      • I´m starting with Maya and collecting some tutorials, but I already know 3Ds Max, so this is an advantage 😉

        • Good luck!

          “I already know 3Ds Max, so this is an advantage” sounds better like
          “I already know 3Ds Max, so it is the lost time”

          • I know Maya, Houdini and 3DS Max and use each of those for different purposes.
            Only an ignorant can claim that learning something can be a loss of time
            Get a life mate

  2. Thanks U.N.Owen!!!
    I was going to request this from you, Amazingly you put it up first.

  3. plz…plz….plz…..
    digital tutors maya rendering nodes reference library : color utilities – surfaces – 2d textures
    could you have those 3 for us
    I am sure I am not only one who looking for them 😀
    yhanks for all sharings………

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