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PosterDigital-Tutors – Using Texture to Enhance Digital Paintings in Photoshop CS5

Intermediate | 1h 33m | 737 MB | Project Files 281 MB | Required Software: Photoshop CS5

In this tutorial we will learn several different techniques for adding texture to our digital paintings in Photoshop. Texture and surface detail is one area that is often overlooked by digital painters. By strategically implementing texture in your digital paintings, you can not only raise the quality of the image but also the level of realism. With this course we?ll get started by diving into Photoshop?s brushes. We?ll learn how we can create and configure our own custom brushes to paint texture. From here we?ll learn how to create our own patterns and several of the areas where these patterns can be utilized. Next we?ll look at some ways that we can bring images into our paintings, layering them over areas to create texture with the help of blend modes. Finally, we?ll learn a few methods of making our two dimensional textures appear to wrap around the three dimensional forms of our painting. After completing this course, you?ll be well equipped to begin experimenting with texture in your own digital paintings.