16 comments on “Gnomon School – Master Classes 2011: Advanced Visual Effects Techniques for Production with Wayne Hollingsworth

  1. to honor your share i have donated to The Human Fund in your name! thank you and happy festivus!

  2. Wholy shit!!! I think im gonnna cry! Thank you so fuckin much!

  3. And another big thanks, U.N.Owen! (Although the FilePost links seem to be down.)

  4. and this awesomeness is in MAYA too, EPIC! thanks so much guys and so sorry that I can’t afford to buy it, heck I can’t even afford a premium account, I acquired it as a free user.

    I feel terrible downloading such EPIC things for free. Yeah, I have a conscience.


    p.s. the making of and full cycle? ๐Ÿ™‚

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