22 comments on “Lynda.com – Photorealistic Rendering Using Cycles in Blender

  1. haha blender… crappy but a shining example of open source? Hahaha

    • Crappy?

      Why are you envious?
      It is free!


      the author is a technician more than an Artist.
      But the technician bit is also important.

  2. This Tutorial should be called:
    Lynda.com ? SecondLife Rendering Style Using Cycles in Blender

  3. this guy just happens to know blender, maya, 3ds max. render lookss pretty bad btw

  4. i use blender and believe me i do it very realistic then lynda . woow such disrespect for blender users from lynda!!!!!!

  5. this render looks terrible. Not even funny how bad it is. blenderguru or cgcookie’s is way better than this. not even worth getting for free

  6. A day background with a night lighting so realistic! And stretched textures…
    I recommend you to watch this free tutorial instead if you want to do your first steps with Cycle quickly: http://youtu.be/UTwXG3K4l2g

    I think it wasn’t worth the upload for a result like that, but thank you anyway.

  7. Don’t waste your time with this. This is complete crap. You can get far better teaching about using Cycles in Blender from Blender Cookie, plus it’s legally free.

  8. this is not even close to realism. I have seen better things from BI. why would lynda even publish this.

  9. Lol what the hell?
    Flat lighting, stretched textures, crappy materials, bad camera angle. This guy knows absolutely nothing about photorealism. I have seen beginners do better as their first attempts at 3D.

    The sad thing though is that people here seems to dismiss his “talent” as being Blender’s fault, which is simply not true. I could post one of the millions of bad Vray renders out there and say that Vray sucks but the truth is that the result depends completely on the artist, not the tools!

  10. Just one thing:

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