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  1. Thank u :)
    looks like LightWave’s tools are getting better.
    curious about their new rigging system. new modular instant rigging system, Genoma.

  2. Very appreciative,thanks….I am also curious of the new stuff….we shall see!.

  3. ZZzziippeddeedoodahh!
    check out 330 boned Genomed Dragon in content

    check out VPR portal now- live motion blur,live DoF
    live 3D stereo anaglyph,VPR is the place to live in
    The 3D world straight out of the box, but in the frame!

  4. Well, Flame Boy
    Your ‘Sad’ Handle (G-one O-ff D-oppey) says it all!
    Take you Medii’s & howl off, before the Brain police
    knock on your Door.

    Lightwave is Rollin’ —Deep joy!

  5. oioioioiiiiii …jump-jump-jump-jump-jump-jump-jump-jump-jump-jump
    i thank you cg blogger and cgp – ultra highly appreciated.
    if i would be a girl, i would want to have a kid from you.lol

  6. @GODsays
    i’m owner of licensed version of 11.5, i use it from 20 TWENTY years, and not only that, be cause i’m animator that worked/work also with PA, maya, cinema4d, zbrush, rhino, and more from a quarter of century.
    In my studio we bought many software, and use in their strong point, i can tell you that 11.5 is better than 11, i can render easely 3 cazillion of poly witout problem, interface and stability under mac and win is better than ever. Is not maya, is lightwave, with its strong and weak point.. but have a lots of strong point or died many years ago…
    if you prefer another software.. buy it and support your preferred software, don’t troll here…

  7. Nicely put (said) madrenderman,
    Lightwave is Rollin? ?Deep joy!

  8. come on man…..Lightwave sucks. Studios who use it, dont pay as much as they do for a MAYA artist. WHen it comes to special FX, it REALLY falls behind. Lightwave dynamite is horrible! Maya fluids is waaay better! The packages to learn these days are Maya, Max, and Houdini. ANything else (LW) is un-civilized.

    The industry

    • I love the Maya Fanboyism here. I use Maya in the studio, and it’s far from as robust as lightwave is. Lightwave just works, maya just randomly stops working and LW is a fraction of the price. It may not have a good particle system in it. But if were going down that route, then Maya’s particle system is a joke compared to the likes of houdini. Saying Lightwave is a waste of time shows us all how biased and completely closed minded you are. You only see in black and white, where a true industry professional see’s the strengths in the packages and recognizes it’s place. In LW 11.5, I can rig a character in less that 10mins, and it’s nondestructable, i can change the model add and subtract geometry, altering the face count and rerig at any time, and it will update instantly without problem.

      Maya, you simply add a single vertice, and the whole weighting dies. Meaning you have to start again, which is fun with high poly characters and objects. This is just one example, to show that any idiot can pull any program apart. I accept Maya and Lightwave to be what they are, and realise their importance in the pipeline. Maybe some of you should stop considering yourselves a ‘Maya Proffessional’, and start thinking with an open mind and become an Industry professioanl.

  9. The industry spanxs,
    Reread madrenderman it’s obvious GOD sent you,
    But not with tablets of stone!
    Lightwaves VPR is the future
    I used others my man, including
    Chops in Houdini for explosion
    & Oceans.See’ iron sky ‘came in
    on Lighwave after a Maya team
    Failed . We is just pleased that
    the guy that pre-vized ‘ Avatar’
    with Lghtwave is at the helm of
    Its R&D now. Diff Horses 4 Diff
    Courses Lightwaves Rollin’

  10. When i installed it, dn’t work, LW 10 and 11 works… but not that 11.5 dowland… 64bits version. After and Before the patching don’t work, only say “Stop to working”… no start.

  11. Drouw,

    I suggest you do a “Fresh” install into a NEW directory. Furthermore, try checking to see if your graphics card drivers are up-2-date to the latest.

    Also, If you had plugins from your older versions of LW, don’t copy them into the new installation dir – Some versions of LW plugins are not always compatible with newer versions of modeler or layout. I’ve had this issue in the past,. I have resolved it by putting in my 3rd party plugins into my new installation pludins dir 1 by 1, until I could isolate the ones that were not compatible anymore… In the end, everything worked out fine :)

    Hope that helps a bit,

    Good Luck !

    Mad-Max ;)

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