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14 comments on “Blender Cookie ? Creature Modeling for Production

  1. Before all of the Blender hating morons get on here bashing the best free software out there, (as they always do) I’d like to say thank you for giving us some valuable Blender tutorials. I appreciate it, even if they don’t.

    • Yeah!

      Like how many Maya and 3D studio artists here can do this, in any package.

  2. Thank you so much !!!
    Blender is an amazing peace of software. Its not perfect but is getting better and better. Even if you don?t like all features, its free :)

    Could you upload a torrent,please?

  3. I agree with The DED1 and Jacmat…Thanks so much for these great posts!

    • You are Ignorant. Kent Trammell is also a Maya artist, now he mostly uses Blender, as many Studios around the world.
      Unless you have a Studio of your own to diss Blender otherwise you are an ignoramus.
      Because it is your employer who decides what software you?ll use on his/her house.

      Blender users do check his Video series on Vimeo. They are FREE!

    • “Blender sucks” can you develop? if you have no arguments you’re just a jerk troller. Check out the Blender 2.66 released today, Blender have huge improvements each 2-3 months and it is very stable and optimized.

      You’re mad because you’ve bought an Autodesk software?

  4. hey guys can anyone pls upload videos from sellyourtvconcepts videos…its a really good stuff…

  5. I love blender, even though I use Maya too. I use Blender more often than Maya. I think its much easier to work with, supports many import and export formats(Maya supports even more) and gets some new, good features every 2 months. I like the Blender Cookie tutorials, they are easy to follow, but sometimes a little specific, but I learned some neat techniques in them. Thank you ;D

  6. This is as shitty as the garage software it was done in. Use Modo or something reasonable before trying this crap…

    • Haha, Blender >>>> Modo in so many aspects. I can understand why some people like to use Maya or 3DSmax over Blender, but Modo??

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