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17 comments on “Jawset TurbulenceFD v1.0 Rev 1291 Retail For Cinema4D x64

  1. i have been waiting patiently for mac version of this and i will continue, but do you know when this will possible because it seems like it is impossible….due respect…..will you be the hero of the mac community?

  2. Me to, I’m waiting the TFD v1 for mac since a very long time, I’m using the 0.4 in C4D R13…

    I didn’t understand why they are nothing for mac, TFD is probably the most biggest plugin for C4D.

    Yes you will be a hero of the mac community when this release will be out

    (sorry for my bad english)

  3. Do I understand this right that this is the Mac OS version with no crack?

  4. hello any help please…this would be the last thing i ask for. mac version pleaseee

  5. All you “MAC” people, why don’t you get it? No one hacks for MAC, because MAC is not the most widely used OS. The world either uses Linux, or PC. Get with the program, will ya?

  6. they other version of this great plugin….dosen’t matter if the world do use mac as much as the pc and linux and they always get virus anyway…mac hardly get virus

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