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3 comments on “Retouching Academy – Beauty Retouch Panel for Photoshop CC 2014

  1. To Whom It May Concern.

    I am writing to you to notify that one of the members on your website?has?unlawfully uploaded the software?RA Beauty Retouch Panel? the copyright of which belongs to Queenscliff Global LLC, California and is exclusively sold via Retouching Academy websites This is intellectual property copyright infringement. – URL where our pirated software is published on your website,?which infringes our exclusive intellectual property copyrights.

    Accordingly, you are hereby directed to CEASE?AND?DESIST?ALL COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT.

    We have all necessary screenshots of the page on your website and unlawful distribution of our intellectual property as evidence.

    Your actions constitute copyright infringement. Remedies for such infringement can include payment of actual and treble damages, recovery of profits, reimbursement of attorney?s fees, and may also include injunctions against your further display of our product on your website. Under 17 U.S.C. 504, the consequences of copyright infringement includes statutory damages up to?$150,000?per item. If you continue to engage in copyright infringement after receiving this letter, your actions will be evidence of ?willful infringement?.

    We respectfully request that you immediately remove the RA Beauty Retouch Panel from your website. We hope this issue can be resolved civilly and that we can avoid pursuing any further legal remedies.

    This letter is not intended to be a full statement of the facts in this matter, nor is it a waiver of our rights and remedies, whether at law or equity, all of which are expressly reserved.

    If you or your attorney have any questions, please contact us directly at

    Queenscliff Global LLC, California

  2. Julia Kuzmenko,

    Do you really think someone will buy this crap?
    I didnt want for free, Imagine paying… hahaha

    • Respect the authors bro.You will understand her situation if your bank account rob by someone.I also think this is overpriced but she is a respectable and talented photographer.

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