9 comments on “The Foundry MODO 10.2v1 Win/Mac x64

  1. Wow, the mew modo updates are making it hard for me to decide to use Maya or Modo more often. They keep raising the bar! Thanks for this. I hope to see a torrent really soon :)

  2. Tried the uploaded links.. MacOSX..
    There is only modo 10.2_Content1(2)(3)_osx.pkg
    This installs fine, but the the modo application is missing.

    Where can I find the application?

    • Its all there.
      The application is on these links (Win or Mac)

      xforce Release

  3. So is it worthless to download the mac version or have you missed something GIna?

  4. Hello friends i am new to this website don?t know how to download?.Need help?
    Above links not working….where is torrent for this

    • If you cant copy and paste a link into a browser and click download i don’t think your CG career will go far…..

  5. Thanks a lot for uploading this!

    jejejeje Diptra you made my day bro :D

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