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4 comments on “Tutsplus – Digitally Paint Fantastic Giants Walking the Earth

      • Awful response…

        This is an awful painting. For the subject and learning level it claims to teach, anyways.

        • Awful manners and opinion…

          There is no need to post a mean comment. Use your time more wisely. If you are going to critique someone’s work, be more intelligent and helpful. Words like “awful” help no one. For example, a better critique might work like this: I like the composition, lighting, and the subject matter of this piece. The anatomy might need more work; however, given the fantasy aspect and the style and approach, the piece still works.

          Also, the title for this tutorial does not reveal the “learning level”, and the “subject” is clearly represented in the title, description, and the cover image. This tutorial is supposed to prepare artists for a production environment. In other words, time is not a luxury. The work for this painting was done very quickly, and the final piece of art work reflects that intention.

          Finally, there is always something in everyone’s work that other artists can learn from. The art work and tutorial might help other people. Just because you do not like it, that does not mean that you and other people can not learn from it.

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