4 comments on “Grass Valley EDIUS Pro Win

    • After installing,
      1. open the crack folder and copy “PixPrimitive” and paste it into the edius installation folder in my case “”C:\Program Files\Grass Valley\EDIUS 8\””..
      2. Copy all the files in the “Activation-E8.53 folder” and paste them in the “GVLicenseManager folder” located in my case “C:\Program Files\Grass Valley\GV LicenseManager”
      3. Open the serial text file and copy the serial in it.. Launch the “GVActivation Patch” and paste the serial you copied and click activate..

      You should now be able to use the program..

      Don’t forget to block using firewall

      • Thank You, but if I am doing this, the “Please check the license” message appears, and then it asks for the serial, wchich is bouilt from two numbers :(

  1. LOL, a real working version of ED? Not since the days of Edius 6.0x has a real live working version of ED been in the wild. Should there actually be a working version, I will dL this and use. System requirements when working with 4K will make you drop some $ on RAM.

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