9 comments on “BorisFX Sapphire 2019.0 for AE AViD OFX 2019 Win/Mac

  1. Ae Windows versions does not work correcty with rlm license method ;
    It makes ae & Premiere crache
    I’ve tried for 2 different pc and laptop

  2. Can anybody describe a process of RLM license activation on WIN and (or, if different) MAC, please? There is NO explanation how it works. Thank you!

    • I managed to make the OFX version for Resolve on Windows to work.
      Here’s how

      1. Install the sapphire-ofx-install-2019.0.exe
      2. Unzip RLM_Windows.zip and open it
      3. Copy all the files inside “rlm” folder
      4. And paste them to this destination “C:\Users\ [YOUR PC NAME] \AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\rlm” replacing the origianls.
      5. Now you have to run the “rlm.exe” file, inside the “rlm” folder, every time you start Resolve for the effects to work.

      Hope it helps.

  3. I assume this method uses the Ultimate RLM server crack method from AMPED.

    That DOES NOT work with this version correctly. The presets browser is completely broken, and yes, AE and PP crash often with it.

  4. Wasted 1 hour downloading this just to get the RLM method (which does not work and is a waste of time). Might as well just say this is yet to be cracked to avoid false advertisement.

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