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9 comments on “Chaosgroup Vray for C4D R20 3.6.0 180829 Win

  1. diptra, you promised us, vray4su 3.6 will be here soon. where is it, bro…?

    • Soon? Maybe he doesn’t keep his promises. Cgpersia doesn’t have the crack. *The crack is 1 year old and a lot of people having it since it came out – not a public release )

      • since you so informed, how did they get it? did they pay for it or did they crack it themselves? you MUST know….

        • How some people having it, it’s not the point. The matter is why cgpersia not having it after one year. 2 possible explanations for that: 1) They are not interested to buy it ( strange because vray 3.6 for su 2018 is a plugin in high demand, ) or they don’t have someone else to crack it

          • Or they are under pressure from the companies and law enforcement.
            Ever thought of that?

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