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One comment on “Skillshare – Texturing Terrains Using Images

  1. It was interesting to watch, but I feel like I didn’t learn anything. The end result is noisy af, because he’s basically using the noise from the photos instead of generating that noise and combining multiple different size noise nodes (and actually understanding how they work).

    He’s like: “oh, don’t bother with any other color”. Dude… you can change the hue/saturation/value for whatever image you want, doesn’t have to be “dark brown”.

    His English is ok, but it irks me when he pronounces “height” as “hate”. And using hi-res images from Mars, Venus, the fricken Moon! lol. Says that this way is “natural” at the beginning. Riiiight. For what planet, dude?? You might be better off grabbing some photos of terrains from Google Images (taken from a helicopter, satellite, etc) and overlaying them on top.

    He says at the end that color nodes and colorizers are a waste of time. Well, I say that I’ve seen better tutorials on Youtube. For example:

    Not taking advantage of the flow map is a terrible idea. He seriously asked why people are coloring the flow when that’s just part of the mountain… Shows how little he knows about geology.

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