2 comments on “The Foundry Nuke Studio 12.2v3 Win x64

  1. You can put this up dozens of times with dozens of versions, but even if I can install Mari or Katana, I have never been able to install Nuke, not once, even on a virgin workstation, and I can follow directions, honest.

    Either diseminate instructions that work, such that the industry can benefit by having pretrained Nukers, or just stop putting up stuff that has never installed working.

    I wish you guys well, but it’s pissing me off now. (You’re welcome, The Foundry. Hats off, you are the ONLY software if I wanted to learn for personal non-commercial use, I could never install.)

    • strange you never got it working, all reports from forum and peers report people using it ok, the phone home part takes some sorting, running it offline on a pc not internet connected seems to be the best answer, but not an option for most people.

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