11 comments on “3D-Coat 4.9.x Win/Mac

  1. Excelent option when you have AMD HD 3000 and don’t work substance painter

    • anyway its perfect option. One of my primary tool for texturing airplanes, cause it has direct connection to photoshop and many more.

      • Yes, I am actually amazed at the realistic results I achieve on this program! although I render in Blender Cycles

  2. Does not compute. At the 3D Coat Beta thread at their forum the latest windows build is 68

    The only 69 build is for Mac OS.

  3. hmm without instructions I wasted lot of time to install it on mac to help people like me
    I’m giving out some instructions

    >>copy 3dcoat file to >> 3d coat folder >> select 3dcoat.app(right click >show package contents) > content >> Macos >> then paste this file

    > now open terminal then type
    chmod +x

    >> now drag the copied 3dcoat file(from the paste location) and execute(press enter) the command now this file is converted into an executable file close the folders

    >> Now click open the app from launch pad enjoy the cracked version

    • copy 3DCoat file in the downloaded files >> Applications >> 3DCoat-4.9.69 >> 3DCoat.app file >>right cick >> show package contents >> Contents >> MacOS then paste/replace the 3DCoat (text edit file)

      then make it into a executable file using terminal

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