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30 comments on “SideFX HoudiniFX 18.5.xx Win/Mac/Lnx

  1. On windows 10, Houdini v18.5.408 (x-force keygen v18.5), I get an error when opening Houdini = This software requires a license version of 18.5 or higher. With 3 dots options appearing…
    Anyone else got the same error?

  2. Is there any redshift version that works with 18.5 or a hack/workaround that works with redshift 2.6.41?

  3. SIDEFX_HOUDINI_FX_V18.0.499_MACOSX64-XFORCE.part4.rar is missing, can you please upload it? Thank you!

  4. THANKS…but..
    This looks like your previous posts.
    There’s STILL a MISSING RAR (Part 4) for the MAC Version!!
    Sould you please check and ADD the MISSING MAC RAR FILE??

  5. OOOPS! I see the LNX RARs (Sorry)


  6. I have ran into the same problem with all 18.5 cracks. They all say that there’s no license server running and I cannot input manual keys since the option is greyed out. Doesn’t matter what I do, even after running the patch and restarting the license server, nothing works. Anyone else run into this problem? If so, were you able to solve it?

    • I had an issue with the license server. I had to delete the C:/Windows/Keys folder. I believe it was from a previous install or something funky.

      • I just tried your suggestion but it was a no go. It’s odd because I have not had any problems with previous cracks. Only the 18.5 cracks have given me the same problem.

  7. When is this nonsense going to stop? This is the second time this software has been posted without all MACOS files. Thanks, but please do better.

  8. i have it running on windows but there are issues with texture baking… seems like it must be mantra licensing as it wont make folders… rendering other things through seems to work tho.

  9. I AGREE WITH MacDude!!!
    “When is this nonsense going to stop? This is the second time this software has been posted without all MACOS files. Thanks, but please do better.”

  10. Why can’t you guys use last working version of this software?
    A lot of good films were made last year.

  11. Missing Mac Files, Same as last upload that was a month or so ago, never been sorted since then. Mac missing .rar, r05, r09, r11, r16, r22, r33, r36, r38 onwards

  12. I honestly don’t know why this crack just won’t work. Any previous cracks from Houdini, including 18.0, work fine, but whenever I try to install this one the License Server just won’t work. It always says there’s no server running. Has anyone run into this problem on Windows?

  13. To folks that have issues with licenses: try copy fixed sesinetd. to “C:\Windows\SysWOW64” also.

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