4 comments on “Ephere Ornatrix v2.4.0.32507 for Cinema 4D 2023.2 Win

  1. If you are using c4d 2023.2.2 like me it doesn’t show up, but I have a workaround. Just download the original ornatrix from the official website (latest version). Use the installer msi for installing the original ornatrix. Then copy only the folder “Licenses” and “Ephere.Ornatrix.dll” and “Ornatrix.xdl64” from the cgpersia verison and replace them in the folder of the original Ornatrix Plug-in. In this same original ornatrix folder delete the 2 .exe files. Worked perfectly with mine

  2. Off-Topic:
    @Diptra: you please re-link “redshift3d-redshift-renderer-v-3-0-45-x64-win-191156”. My bookmark shows “Page not found”. Thank you very much

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