cebas is proud to offer the third Service Pack for finalRender® Stage-1. This service pack is fully loaded with features and fixes. SP3 is the biggest speed and stability increase yet for finalRender® Stage-1. There are so many changes and updates, SP3 is more like a .5 release than a service pack! When you read through the updates below, you’ll see that many of these are feature and functionality additions. Along with adding new feature and functionality we have worked very hard to make sure that old bugs were fixed and any new ones, squashed. Continue Reading

Gnomon – Harald Belker 2: Digital Automotive Rendering (photoshop)

AVI | 718 MB

There are many ways to render an automobile. Harald will take you through the steps to render an automobile with Adobe Photoshop
through the use of paths, layering colors, surfacing and highlights. You will see his strategy for layer building, shading the form in color,
rendering wheels, and background design. The end result of this demonstration is a quick but powerful color rendering executed with a digital medium.

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GDC 2009 – Presentation videos ( Autodesk : MotionBuilder, 3ds Max ,  Kynapse , Maya , Softimage, Mudbox)

Learn about the latest version of MotionBuilder, 3ds Max ,  Kynapse , Maya , Softimage, Mudbox. These demonstrations walks you through some of the most anticipated features in Autodesk apps.

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Free your creativity with Autodesk® SketchBook® Pro painting and drawing software, offering best-in-class sketching tools for professional designers and artists from all industries. Designed specifically for use with digitized pen tablets and tablet PCs, SketchBook Pro equips you with the tools you need to move easily from pen and paper to a digital environment.

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Great lighting is the key to getting professional-looking output from Maya and Mental Ray. Now, for the first time, Pixar Technical Director Jeremy Birn shares his secrets, his settings, and his Maya scenes, in a Maya-specific training DVD. This new DVD features over 3 hours of tightly edited demonstrations of professional lighting and rendering techniques using

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