Learn an artist-friendly workflow to creature rigging and a solution-based approach to building controls for faster animation in Maya. Contains over 6 hours of project-based training for setup artists learning new methods of rigging multi-limbed creatures.

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Create 3D experiences directly in After Effects. Learn how to make stereoscopic 3D imagery and gain a deeper understanding of mathematics of stereo imagery, tips for creating safer stereo renders, and building After Effects camera rigs to create one of the most powerful effects in cinema. Contains nearly 3 hours of project-driven training and step-by-step examples for any artist using After Effects. Continue Reading

In After Effects CS4 Essential Training, Chad Perkins teaches fundamental motion graphics design techniques from the ground up. He shows how to gather video, audio, and graphical source materials into layered compositions, make edits and adjustments, then bring it all to life with a powerful array of visual effects and animation techniques. These skills are demonstrated in a series of increasingly intricate projects, from creating a galaxy to building a fantasy battle scene. Chad also demonstrates workflows for keying and compositing, shows how to integrate with other applications, shares useful tips and secrets, and much more. Exercise files accompany the course. Continue Reading

Dover Studios – Maya NURBS Modeling 2nd Edition

If you want to learn how to use Maya’s NURBS modeling tools for animation, visual effects, and games, this DVD is for you!

This edition has been revised and expanded to include: creating boundary surfaces, sculpting with Maya Artisan, understanding UV surface coordinates, and much more!

Visual effects artists, Andrew Hazelden and Russell Hazelden, provide numerous tips for efficient modeling, including: how to keep objects organized using the layer editor, how to create accurate scale models using reference images, and countless time saving keyboard shortcuts.

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The Ultimax Apocalypse. Introducing the first Maya DVD for 3D-Palace, learn how to create this monster of a model.
Right from the start you’ll learn important techniques for streamlining work flow by changing the very User Interface to suit your modeling needs. Learn how to create your own custom shelf, complete with every tool and function you will need for the job at hand.
The model itself starts from nothing but a cylinder, where straight away you will be shown how to manipulate objects, object components and various tools to create the desired polygonal model. Continue Reading


Fluid dynamics are rapidly becoming a powerful alternative to particle effects. In the first lecture of this series, effects animator David Schoneveld introduces you to the rules of fluid production, showing how Maya Fluid Effects can be used for everything from smoke, dust and explosions, to underwater plane crashes and more. David details the fluid menu, emitter and container attributes, as well as shading and texturing, while conveying an understanding of the dynamic attributes of fluid dynamics and their uses in production. The lesson also details the basics of ponds, emphasizing an understanding of the fluid shader and texture controls. Continue Reading