Red Giant Knoll Light Factory Plug ins Training 1 DVD | 3.32GB

Knoll Light Factory Training covers version 2.5, used by 1000 s of motion graphics artists and editors to create light effects and transitions. Professional trainer and motion graphic designer, David Vinson shows you how to simulate the sun or other light sources, enhance text or logos, intensify special effects shots like explosions and more in this 90 minutes of advanced training.



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Creativecow: The Apprentice Magician’s Guide to particleIllusion | 2.04 GB

The Apprentice Magician’s Guide to particleIllusion is the most comprehensive set of video tutorials created to teach novice users every aspect of particleIllusion 3.0
Setting up projects, how to use all the tools, and basic emitter creation are all covered on this DVD, along with a healthy dose of tips and tricks that will save you time when creating particle effects.
Hosted by Elvis Deane, moderator of the Creative Cow particleIllusion forum,the video contains 21 lessons and runs for 1 hours and 40 minutes.



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Introducing ZBrush by Eric Keller

Sybex | English | PDF & DVD | ISBN-10: 0470262796 | May 5, 2008
472 pages | AVC1 834×518 | 14.2 MB eBook + 2.40 GB DVD
Genre: eLearning

Introducing ZBrush 4 helps you jump into this exciting drawing and sculpting software without fear. Learn ZBrush basics inside and out and get comfortable sculpting in a digital environment with this relaxed, friendly, and thorough guide. Master these practical techniques and soon you’ll be creating realistic, cartoon, and organic models with flair.

* Introduces you to the latest version-ZBrush 4-software that lets you create digital art with a fine-art feel, which you can transfer into Maya or other 3D applications
* Covers painting, meshes, organic sculpting, hard surface sculpting, textures, lighting, rendering, working with other 3D applications, and scripting
* Walks you through a series of fun and engaging tutorials where you can start creating your own work, including human, cartoon, and organic models

Learn to create lush, beautiful digital art with ZBrush and this detailed guide.

1. Blendshape Facial Targets: Create blendshape facial targets for characters for animation in Maya using ZBrush – it’s fast and easy!

2. Tiling Textures: Use ZBrush to create tiling textures for 3D objects.

3. Normal and Displacement Maps: Use ZBrush to create normal and displacement maps – it’s superior to Maya’s native difference map generator.

4. Texture Maps: Paint texture maps directly on characters and 3D objects.

5. Illustrations: Craft amazing illustrations with ZBrush’s 2.5D painting tools.

6. Compositing: Render separate passes of an object from ZBrush with different materials applied for compositing in Photoshop.

7. Sculpting: Add ZApplink to ZBrushes’ sculpting power with Photoshop and Painter brushes.

8. Material Capture: Design specialized materials based on objects in photographs with ZBrush’s Material Capture tool.

9. Modeling: Build digital models for 3D printing and fabrication.

10. Character Creation: Shape the most amazing characters and creatures possible using ZBrush’s revolutionary digital sculpting tools.

Introducing ZBrush by Eric Keller



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Planet Photoshop – Photoshop video tutorials by Corey Barker | 693 MB

All online Photoshop video tutorials from Planet Photoshop website published in 2007-2008.



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What is Optical Flares?
Optical Flares is a plug-in for designing and animating realistic lens flares in After Effects.

? 3D Lens Flares with AE Lights
? Intuitive Design Interface
? Live Visual Preset Library
? Real Texture Support
? Dynamic Triggering Animations
? Chromatic Aberration
? Up to 32 bpc color support

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3Daliens Glu3D v1.3.30 & Pwrapper v1.08 for 3DsMax 2010 32Bit & 64Bit
Glu3D is a complete system that makes easy making liquids in Autodesk’s 3dsMax, Maya and XSI. glu3D uses particles to simulate the liquid behavior, and a multi-resolution polygonal surface is also generated to display the liquid surface.

Pwrapper is a surface blobMesh generator for any kind of particle system in 3dsMax, Maya and XSI(not only glu3D particles). Create a new instance of Pwrapper. Then select any particle system through pwrapper command panel and its particles will be wrapped with a poly surface mesh. Modify Pwrapper parameters to change surface look.

3Daliens Glu3D v1.3.30

Its main features are:

Particle based dynamic engine that automatically animates liquids that interact with surrounding geometry
Poly surface mesh surface sequence is generated to visualize liquid surface
Fully integrated in 3dsMax and Maya
File cache system to store pre-calculated dynamics results
Wet maps ( 3dsMax only)
Texture mapping ( 3dsMax only)
Arbitrary planar shapes as sources ( 3dsMax only)
Fill objects function to speed up scene initial condition setup
Friendly customizable UI full of shortcuts, menus and toolbar buttons
Integration with Particle Flow ( 3dsMax only)

3Daliens Pwrapper v1.08

Create a new instance of Pwrapper. Then select any particle system through pwrapper command panel and its particles will be wrapped with a poly surface mesh. Modify Pwrapper parameters to change surface look.

All rights reserved. All trademarks contained herein are the property of their respective owners.

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3Daliens Glu3D v1.3.30 & Pwrapper v1.08 for 3ds Max 9, 2008, 2009 and 2010 32Bit & 64Bit
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Shader FX is a full-featured real-time shader editor for 3ds Max. It allows artists with no previous programming experience to build complex HLSL or CG FX shaders.

These shaders can be used inside the 3dsMax viewport, game engines or real-time (architectural) visualization.

Built inside 3ds Max, it offers a gradual learning curve.

Once you’re happy with your results, you can use your shader in the 3ds Max viewport, or you can export your shader in the popular HLSL or CG FX format for use in other applications and game engines.

With Shader FX, artists no longer depend on external applications to get the effects they want. Finally artists have a tool that enables them to create stunning real-time shaders quickly and easily, and gives full control over the appearance of their real-time models. ShaderFX’s powerful schematic interface lets you quickly assemble shaders that support complex effects such as parallax mapping, fresnel fall-off, and cube map reflection, all by simply connecting nodes together.

Your shader progress is displayed and updated in 3ds Max’s viewport as you build the shader so you can always see your results in real-time.

– Compile shaders with shader model 1.1 to 3.0.
– Do vector math in tangent space or world space.
– Supports normal maps positive and negative Y.
– Support for both Y up and Z up environments.
– Shader performance and instruction count report.
– Export to: XNA, FXComposer, Quest3D, Virtools,
Ogre, DXSAS, CGFX and more.
– Create a whole world of shaders in one workspace.
– Insert custom HLSL code into the node tree.
– Multi-subobject material support.
– Entire creative process happens in one program.
– And much more…


I’ve notice most of the links around are down, or beta versions. Here is the full version of both x32 and x64 Extended. Tested, and working in everyday use.



High Dynamic Range Images – or HDRI for short are the lighting technology for truly realistic 3D-Design.

The extra illumination info of a scene which is wrapped into the HDRI-surround image gives your radiosity-scenes a new degree of realism.

The product line Dosch HDRI offers the user a high-quality and comprehensive library of HDRI effects for the direct use in high-end 3D-Design and animation applications.

This technology saves the 3D-designer from elaborate manual definition of multiple light-sources and also from lengthy experimenting with color choice and light-volume. The HDRIs also contain the information whether there is a direct light-source (e.g. sun, spot light) with defined shadows – or a cloudy sky/neon lights with diffuse light and “soft” shadows.

But also the color spectrum of the real scene (environment) has great effect on the virtual, rendered object or scene. The color of things (e.g. trees, gras, forest ground) in the surroundings for instance will impact the appearance of the rendered 3D-model … likewise will the fiery red-tone of a sunset cloud create a realistic mood of such an event in reality.

56 HDR-Images of various sky-moods are provided in the most widely used formats:

Light-Probe (Angular Map)
Spherical Map (Latitude-Longitude)

All HDRIs are license-free and can therefore be used without any additional cost in all* commercial productions.
(* view License Agreement)

Radiosity – and therefore the use of HDRIs is directly supported in many 3D-applications like 3dsmax 6, VizRender 2005, Viz 2005, Lightwave (version 6.0 and higher), Softimage|XSI, Bryce 6, Maya & Mentalray, Pixar RenderMan, Autodesk VIZ4, messiah:render (Arnold), InSight (Integra), 3ds-max & VRay, 3ds-max & Brazil r/s (Splutterfish), 3ds-max & finalRender (Cebas), Cinema4D Version 8.1, Vue5, Lightwork Render System and many more.

High-resolution HDRIs:
The HDRIs of this collection (V1 content) are provided in the following resolutions – and are therefore also perfectly suited for background use.
Light-Probe – 2048×2048 Pixel
Light-Probe Small – 512×512 Pixel
Spherical Map – 2048×1024 Pixel
Vertical Cross – 2048×1536 Pixel
Horizontal Cross – 1536×2048 Pixel
Format: .hdr (RADIANCE Image Format)

DOWNLOAD: (794.33mb Rarred, 1.24GB Un-Rarred)