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3D Modeling and Animation

40+ Hrs 42 Presentations Project Files Included 15FPS FLV

Learn how to build, texture, and animate beautiful 3D models and environments for use in video games. The tricks
and techniques used by the game design pros are all included here, so you can take your concepts from imagination
to in-game reality. With over 40 hours of step-by-step video training, you will master Autodesk 3ds Max — the
industry’s most popular choice when it comes to building video game assets. This is essential material for aspiring
artists and professionals alike.

Interface and Simple Objects
Creating and Applying Textures
Procedural Shaders
Lights and Cameras
Environment Details
Basic Animation and Rendering
Creating Error Free Models
Modeling Organic Objects
UV Layout Techniques
Skin Layouts
Creature Modeling
Advanced UV Mapping
Sprites and Pre-Renders
Advanced Texture Types
Pelt Mapping and UV Tips




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Texture Creation

43 Presentations (14+ hours) Project Files Included

Modern video game design uses textures to provide incredibly rich visual detail at very high speeds. From normal maps to specular masks to pre-baked ambient occlusion, learn the secrets of texture creation, specifically for games, from a seasoned industry pro. With over 14 hours of video packed with techniques and tricks, you’ll be generating game assets in no time at all. Perfectly complements our 3D modeling training to make you a fully self- sufficient game artist.


Painting in Photoshop
Brushes and Details
Advanced Photoshop Tools
Creating Textures
Skins and Templates



Character Design and Animation

11hr 4.7GB 15 FPS MP4 ?Project Files Included

Visually appealing and smoothly animated 3D characters are a fundamental asset in almost every videogame on the market. You’ll take your 3D art and animation skills to the next level with exclusive focus on
building, texturing, rigging and animating 3D characters for your games. With over 11 hours of hands-on video instruction led by an accomplished game character animator, you’ll quickly master these critical
skills and start populating your worlds with your own lifelike creations.