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Get all texture libraries at once. The bundle consists of Jeremy Engleman’s 3 new titles – many gigabytes of textures as well as training on how to use them. Gnomon Workshop textures are high resolution and seamlessly tileable. This allows for the creation of texture pages of any size.

Every texture has a corresponding bump and specular map. These have been hand manipulated to ensure a proper bump and specular response, and are not simply a grayscale version of the color map. The textures are entirely handled and stored in 24-bit TIFF format to avoid any compression artifacts normally associated with JPEG images. Also supplied are features with alpha masks that add richness and variety to any texture project.

Bricks and Blocks – ISO size 11.7 GB | RAR size 4.23 GB
Distressed Metal – ISO size 16.1 GB | RAR size 5.44 GB
Planks and Panels – ISO size 9.31 GB | RAR size 4.08 GB

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n this lecture, Tim breaks down the process of rendering passes out of 3ds Max and demonstrates how to composite them together in Digital Fusion. Learn how to generate many different types of passes and how they are used in production. Identify and correct commonly occurring issues, from incorrect matte edges to bit depth and color correction. Acquire an understanding of what happens under the hood inside your 3D software and how to mimic that behavior while compositing to produce the highest quality renders. Tim demonstrates his techniques using Scanline, V-Ray and Brazil.

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