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Luxology Training Videos – The Alley

This two album series dives into how to harness modo?s modeling, painting and baking tools together in order to produce efficient assets for use in a game ? or any project where you want detailed and yet lightweight scenes. Our subject is a dingy back alley, the kind of place you might find behind an urban restaurant, complete with grime and graffiti?.a perfect setting for getting the most of modo.

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The Gnomon Workshop – The Techniques of Syd Mead


Gmonon – The Techniques of Syd Mead (Vol.1-4)

Volume 1: Thumbnail Sketching and Line Drawings

Syd\’s first DVD introduces the student to the principles of creating thumbnail sketches and subsequent line drawings in the process of creating a successful composition. Topics illustrated include establishing value using only shades of black, and then using those shades to identify levels of detail in the composition, including vehicles, architecture, people and foliage. He guides the viewer through the process of choosing appropriate camera angles, and determining the geometry of the image. Syd goes through the process of defining proportion, the horizon line, the vanishing point, perspective and the ground plane, resulting in a series of sketches ready for further development.

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