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DVD1: Character Rigging and Animation with Character Studio

Learn how to ?trick-out? your biped! Pia Maffei, of Applied Ideas, demonstrates how to customize Biped to create custom character rigs. Use Null Helper objects with 3ds max Animation Constraints to work with Biped bones and use the Motion Mixer to work with animation tracks.

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Footage, Sound Effects : The Series 2000 Sound Effects Library 22 CDs

Sound ideas 2000 SFX Library
MP3 128 Kbps | 2,000 tracks | 22 CDs | 1.20 GB

The Sound Ideas 2000 Sound Effects Library was the world’s first royalty free collection of stereo sound effects to be recorded and mastered digitally. The sound quality is impressive and has set the standard for digital sound fx production worldwide. The collection of 22 CDs is invaluable on its own, or for added power in the studio, it works in perfect harmony with other Sound Ideas sound effects libraries.

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Lots of Robots DVD 1&2

LOR Volume One: This is the first installment of the movie “LOR”. Now it’s a short animation that will eventually grow into a full length animated film. “LOR” the movie is present in 5.1 AC3 Surround and Stereo. Also, see “Rocketpants” my first animated short as well as over an hour’s worth of 3d animation tutorials and selected shorts explaining many of the tricks and processes used to create the animations.Contents: “LOR” 5min 38sec, “Rocketpants” 4min 27sec, Selected Shorts, Animation Tutorials include: Compositing with After Effects, Lighting with 3dsmax, Clouds, Water Worm, Intro to MaxScript, MaxScripting Animation, Advanced MaxScripting.

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